The Middle Line Is Above Love And Hatred

laitman_232_06Any type of relations between people, such as children’s groups, couples, working collectives, parties—any society is based on the middle line that reconciles the right and the left lines.

Correct connection can be only in the middle line. We can’t run away from our egoism and disconnect from it in anything. We also can’t just add the right line. We need to know how to do it; we need to learn to connect.

Most important is to know from the beginning that life is arranged according to the middle line. This is how it was created in nature, just look at the atom. This very first element of any matter consists of negative and positive particles, plus and minus and many neutral particles called neutrons. They balance protons and electrons, add weight, mass, and stability to them, due to which an atom can exist.

An atom exists only due to the fact that it has opposite and neutral particles. All of nature, still, vegetative, and animate is arranged according to the middle line. It wouldn’t be able to exist otherwise.

A human body is also built according to the same principle on its still, vegetative, and animate levels. It is only in the relationships between people that there is no middle line, and this was done deliberately so that we ourselves will do this work.

This is called the work of the Creator; after all, we just need to draw the upper force of nature to perform it. However, we become its partners in it and discover the method of the middle line. It turns out that we fill the part that is missing in nature.

A good state is always based on the correct combination of the right and left lines. Two opposite forces are required for the connection, bestowal and love, on the one hand, and hatred and rejection on the other hand, and we balance and connect them. Initially, one can’t exist without another because they come from above, from the same source.

Question: What does “balanced love and hatred” mean in human society where the strong exploit the weak? How is it possible to balance such a relationship?

Answer: The world seems this way if we look at it egoistically. If we don’t see the overall system in its real form where all elements complement each other at all levels, there is no justification for this world. We see only evil and wonder where the positive force is, where the Creator is.

If you don’t see the complete system, you always find yourself in its left line and don’t notice how the right line balances it. You need to be in the middle line and look from the higher state. The middle line is an upper degree, above the left and the right lines. The connection can be achieved only through the middle line.

The right and the left forces have existed in human society since ancient times and each time they move further apart. After all, both of these lines are egoistic, and egoism becomes more and more demanding with its development. This struggle won’t end. Therefore, we must learn to balance them and come to the middle line; each time it will again reveal to us this struggle and the possibility of reconciliation.

If people understand that to achieve the final goal and to advance in general is possible only in the middle line, they will perceive their opponents differently. If I see that everything negative and positive happens only in order to propel me to the goal, I will treat both states equally. I will use both as beneficial and thus I’ll place myself in the middle line so that “love will cover all transgressions.”

The best state is a correct combination of opposites. All the possible forms of reality should mutually complement each other. One can’t erase another or give it a place. Fulfillment is possible only in the middle line. The left and the right lines are not connected to each other; their connection is the revelation of the Creator.

Very soon, we will see different countries and governments in the world in the state of complete helplessness with the inability to reach any kind of connection and to do mutual work. It won’t be about friendship and connection anymore, but about the ability to somehow tolerate each other. There will be ultra-left parties on one side, ultra-right ones on the other side, and each family will split this way.

Why don’t people want to come together and start a family? It’s because they don’t see this connection between them that they used to have. Previously, the connection existed on the still, vegetative, and animate levels, so people used to get married, have children, and everything was fine. However, the moment we climbed a little to the human level, everything fell apart.

A person can’t tolerate anyone next to him and he divorces precisely because we’ve reached the human degree and the old connections stopped working. It is possible to connect on this degree only in the middle line. The wisdom of Kabbalah provides this method that is required now at all levels.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/18/17, “Mismah Arosa,” (Arosa Document)

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