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My Thoughts On Twitter, 2/5/17


World Kabbalah Convention 2017 in Tel Aviv


The surrounding world is a projection of our egoism. Don’t like the world? Then correct your own ego – not your shadow!

Instinctively, Trump opponents understand the need for change. They’re not ripe for it psychologically, and desperately cling to the old.

Reality check: when Trump calls a spade a spade, not being politically correct, could it be that we’re just not ready for it?

Liberalism led to Political Correctness. Since it’s feeding on our egoism, it is now overblown. It hinders us and needs to be replaced.

In the old world we used to lie to each other and not call a spade a spade. Trump reveals who we really are—that’s why we don’t like him.

Society’s development is driven by egoism, so contradictions will intensify. Kabbalah teaches how to connect in spite of contradictions.

Trump undermines the old world management system, which is dying, rather than being temporarily replaced. That’s why it keeps resisting.

Michael Laitman: Ultra “Liberal” Self-Righteousness, Or, How Jews Invoke Anti-Semitism


Ultra “Liberal” Self-Righteousness, Or, How Jews Invoke Anti-Semitism Antisemitism:


Michael Laitman: A Sober Look at Trump’s Immigration Ban and Its Protest MuslimBan


A Sober Look At Trump’s Immigration Ban And Its Protest MuslimBan


The world doesn’t realize: social development can’t be stopped. Trump might just be replaced by one who’s even more right & anti-liberal.
From Twitter, 2/5/17

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Should We Live Forever?

laitman_751_2Question: Do you believe the predictions that people will live to the age of 300 to 400 in the future?

Answer: It’s not a problem. This is possible.

Question: And immortality? Many people predict that we will attain the point of eternal life.

Answer: I cannot determine or confirm that this is possible because it is about biological matter, but I believe that until then, people will not want to live an empty life and will want to exit the limitations of our physical body.

Can you imagine what it means to live forever? It means that you have no right to die, that you have no right to end your perishable existence. It is as if you are on hold at the age of 35 or 40 while everyone around you is getting old and dying, and you don’t. That is scary.

Question: Still, it seems that, if we offer this to a person, he would gladly agree.

Answer: I am not sure. I am 70, for example, and I don’t want to be younger, I want to properly finish what I need to in this lifetime in a normal way, and that’s it. It is good that we have a time limit.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/1/17

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What Is Truth?

laitman_527_03Question: What is truth?

Answer: Truth evades us all the time as a result of our great efforts to attain it. As soon as we try to attain it, a greater depth is revealed to us based upon the contradictions that exist in the previous truth. So, we try to find it again.

This truth is the middle line and is found in Ein Sof. The entire movement in our development and yearning is aimed toward attaining what we call truth.

In general, truth is the starting point of all of creation and it is only when we attain this point that we reach the truth. We indeed make tiny steps of discovery on the way toward the truth, but they are not absolute. Even though the absolute truth can be attained, it is still very far from us.

Question: What do you mean when you say that it is necessary to yearn for truth?

Answer: What I mean is a state in which all of humanity is found in absolute adhesion with the upper force, when the Creator is fully attained within the creature.

The Creator is the root, the fundamental principle, and the creature is secondary.

Question: When we are talking about attaining the Creator, do we mean His characteristics?

Answer: When we are talking about the Creator, we mean His characteristic of bestowal and love toward the creature, and about Him with respect to Himself, not the creature, that obviously is also revealed in Ein Sof.

Adhesion with the Creator is resemblance and equivalence of the characteristics of the creature with the Creator. Through this equivalence, attainment of the Creator is realized, attainment of His thoughts in relation to us, attainment of what was before His thought, His decision to create us and even the attainment of the state before this decision, meaning the state in which only He is found within Himself.

If we yearn for this, it is almost certain that we can attain even this in our spiritual development.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/18/16

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The Wisdom Of The Wisdom Of Kabbalah

laitman_214Question: If the goal of the Creator is only to give us pleasure, why did He create a system in which negative feelings were prepared for a person from the start, like separation, illness and death?

Answer: Currently in our situation we are like “little beasts” who are managed, whereas an Adam (Man) is someone who manages himself by himself through the upper world and from himself creates an essence similar to the Creator. So he is called an Adam (from the word “Domeh” – similar). So you choose how to act, either you remain as a little beast or become an Adam.

In principle, we don’t have much choice because we must advance and develop; suffering doesn’t allow us to stagnate. Therefore, whether we want it or not, suffering will push us and we gain the possibility of changing ourselves, our fate, and our world anyway.

The wisdom of Kabbalah makes it possible to do this without preliminary suffering, like a wise person who sees what he is facing from the start and so he releases himself from suffering by consciously directing himself toward the right decision.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/21/1

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 8/7/16

laitman_281_02Question: Why do you sometimes mock your students? It seems that your humor unifies us and sharpens our attention.

Answer: That’s the reason I do it.

Question: What does your attitude to your students depend on? Why do some students get special attention?

Answer: There is no such thing! There really isn’t. There are students who draw attention by wanting to ask questions every day and sometimes several times during the lesson. I limit them because I want questions from as wide a range as possible.

Question: How can we understand that the teacher is actually the one you need? After all, there are different teachers and each of them conveys the material differently.

Answer: Search!

Question: As a student, I follow the teacher and I sometimes am short of time. Can the group or the teacher plan the day correctly or should I ask the Creator?

Answer: In this sense it is much simpler for a woman. You can record or download the lesson and listen to it everywhere, and at the same time advance.

Question: Are boredom and invasiveness characteristics that depend on the perception of the listener?

Answer: If boredom and invasiveness do not take on sick forms, we can call them persistence and perseverance, and so these are perfectly normal attributes.

Question: Who was Adam HaRishon’s (First Man) teacher? Who guided him?

Answer: No one, he was the first to whom the upper leadership was revealed. There were other Kabbalists who came after him who also discovered the upper world without a teacher. But they had a special inclination. They made great efforts and received their attainment through books, not through a certain person.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/7/16

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The Unique Point Of Spiritual Birth

laitman_742_03Question: What is the meaning of Rosh Hashanah (New Year) from the point of view of the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: Rosh Hashanah is the day of the spiritual birth of Adam. Rosh Hashanah has been celebrated for 5,777 years, since the time when a person with the name Adam discovered the spiritual world for the first time.

That is how the possibility for discovering the spiritual world appeared among people and the beginning of the ascent toward it by leaving the state of the beast, leaving our physical world.

This is talking about a unique point of spiritual birth in which the first Adam  (Man) went out to the spiritual world and that is how he paved the way for us. All the rest of the Kabbalists followed his way and developed his method based upon rising above egoism by attracting the Upper Light. This is the only method, and we are following the same way; so we mark this date.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/1/17

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New Life 806 – Good And Bad Qualities

New Life 806 – Good And Bad Qualities
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

Don’t take care of yourself; take care of your relationships with others.

• How is it possible to determine which qualities are considered good and which are bad?
• There are no good or bad qualities that we are born with, but only a lack of understanding of how to implement them correctly.
• A successful person is one who knows how to integrate with his environment correctly.
• Not much of our innate characteristics can be corrected and we don’t know why we received particular qualities from nature, we just need to find how to use them properly within an environment.
• We were intentionally created differently from the start so we would complement each other in the connection between us.
• Our entire lives depend on the correct use of our qualities within an environment, meaning within the relationships between us.
From KabTV’s “New Life 806 – Good And Bad Qualities,” 12/29/16

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 02.05.17

Preparation for the Lesson

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Lesson on the Topic: “HaBitul, HaHehrahi Bein-HaTalmid Lerav (The Necessary Annulment Between the Student and the Rav)”  

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Lesson on the Topic: “Mismah Arosa (Arosa Document),” “The Desirable Result” 

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