What Is Truth?

laitman_527_03Question: What is truth?

Answer: Truth evades us all the time as a result of our great efforts to attain it. As soon as we try to attain it, a greater depth is revealed to us based upon the contradictions that exist in the previous truth. So, we try to find it again.

This truth is the middle line and is found in Ein Sof. The entire movement in our development and yearning is aimed toward attaining what we call truth.

In general, truth is the starting point of all of creation and it is only when we attain this point that we reach the truth. We indeed make tiny steps of discovery on the way toward the truth, but they are not absolute. Even though the absolute truth can be attained, it is still very far from us.

Question: What do you mean when you say that it is necessary to yearn for truth?

Answer: What I mean is a state in which all of humanity is found in absolute adhesion with the upper force, when the Creator is fully attained within the creature.

The Creator is the root, the fundamental principle, and the creature is secondary.

Question: When we are talking about attaining the Creator, do we mean His characteristics?

Answer: When we are talking about the Creator, we mean His characteristic of bestowal and love toward the creature, and about Him with respect to Himself, not the creature, that obviously is also revealed in Ein Sof.

Adhesion with the Creator is resemblance and equivalence of the characteristics of the creature with the Creator. Through this equivalence, attainment of the Creator is realized, attainment of His thoughts in relation to us, attainment of what was before His thought, His decision to create us and even the attainment of the state before this decision, meaning the state in which only He is found within Himself.

If we yearn for this, it is almost certain that we can attain even this in our spiritual development.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/18/16

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  1. Regarding your statement “The truth is in the middle line…,” it is interesting, I was just reading in Genesis 3:3 just prior to reading this article… and the text in English was… “do not eat of the fruit in the middle lest you die.”

    Looking at the Peshat/surface level, along with having a kabbalistic understanding of the 3 line system one can perceive the difference between the “surface” and the “hidden” or Sod level.

    “Lest you die” is really referring to the inability to convert the desire to receive into the desire to bestow… or said another way an inability to be able to connect the left with the right to form the middle.

    Todah Raba to the Ein Sof and all the efforts of those who have gone before us to do the internal work and bring this hidden wisdom to the last generation. It is truly without compare.

    I am not a word or language scholar by any means as I don’t know Hebrew or Greek, but other words that connect or lie hidden (in the concordances of religion) …to this word “middle” when one is searching from a religious perspective, is the word “internal” and “high.” Even the word “Who” meaning “Mi” (the upper edge of heaven) is hidden in the word “middle” and “midst.”

    It appears that one could pull apart the very letters in the English to reconnect to the Hebrew… Mem Yod. The Creator is a jigsaw puzzle. And “He” keeps us dancing… left right middle… like a ship… star board, port, centerline! Bestow – Receive – Bestow… right down the middle!

    I even see the nuance in the NTestament, when the text is saying… “believe in ‘me.” It is a play on words from a Kabbalistic perspective. The religion of Christianity is receiving it ( or interpreting it) as meaning to believe in one man named Jesus.

    If Christianity were to be placed back into (reconnected to) the religion of Judaism (the middle line of religion) and Judaism back in the science of reception (the desire to bestow) that it came out of (or was derived) from… then believing in Jesus would make perfect (Kabbalistic) sense. But it would not be the man that one has to believe in, as it would be the system and how it operates. I perceive how my training in Christianity was a kind of training ground (bootcamp or ‘farm club’) to eventually one day, as the PIH developed within my spark/nefesh-ruach-neshama) my “I” would move up or into the science of reception.

    One could say that it was Adam HaRashon the desire to bestow and receive a.k.a. the system of the Ten Sefirot that one should believe in rather than this one man. But it was or is part of the system to train the Yetzer Ra to annul with the Yetzer Tov… in the system of ten.

    It seems like perfect “spiritual” engineering… R to B back to R and round and round. Reish/Rosh (immaterial/spiritual) to and through Bet/material matter, and Bet back to Reish… thus a completed electrical circuit. These Hebrew letters and how they connect and transform, is really almost like magic.

    Since studying/learning from you, (Rav, Books, and Friends), I don’t like using the word believe, as it is so misleading to the human mind. I hear you share many statements in the lesson and it sounds just like what Jesus was referring to when I grew up in my birth religion of Christianity. I also see why one cannot attempt to “move” someone away from their belief in Jesus. The PIH has to be ripened on its own. I know 10 plus years ago, that I could not have shared what I am sharing as my “I” had not awaked at that point in time.

    I am very grateful to the system, both the upper and lower… (you and the friends in BB)… the light that reforms really works.

    I personally feel, that I have done nothing to arrive at this place of perceiving these deep hidden nuances… it is only the light that reforms… the system has brought me/us to study this science reception.

    Again, thank you for your efforts, only together. 🙂 “With Intention!” LChaim!!!

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