Understanding The Three Lines Of Our Inner Work (Advanced)

all-the-people-in-the-world-are-sick-with-the-same-sicknessWe don’t understand how two opposite phenomena can exist at the same time, how it is possible to receive and enjoy, and at the same time to give delight to the one who gives you pleasure. These feelings are opposite. So how can they be combined, if they are aimed at opposite directions: one towards me, and the other towards Him? How is it possible to simultaneously feel pleasure from two desires?

There are no examples of this in our world, because it is based on one desire alone, which is the egoistic desire. But in the spiritual world, there is an additional desire, the desire to bestow, and both desires work together.

But first, these two desires must go through a collision with each other. The will to enjoy grows and contradicts the will to delight. The harmony between them takes place in virtue of the third line, which isn’t just a connection of the two desires; it isn’t a comprise. Rather, the two desires – “for myself” and “for Him” – become one. The only way for this to happen is through the revelation of the Upper Light, which gives you the ability to understand opposites and connect them together.
(From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)


  1. Does this mean that my pleasure comes from making Him happy?

  2. Isn’t this the similar reason why a person cannot either tickle themselves nor punch themselves hard enough to knock themselves out? Or put another way, the energy is left in a neutral state. By recognizing and acknowledging God’s presence in everything, we begin to attune to the feelings of bestowal and reception simultaneously, even though the feelings are only effects of the act itself. Is the awareness of bestowal and reception being one and the same what we on the material plane are seeking to nourish? If so, then on a “higher” plane of existence, are both sides of the equation then balanced and the cause or reason for the event reaffirmed?

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