How Does Spiritual Development Measure Up With Material Prosperity In Different Countries?

laitman_2009-06_1300_wQuestions I received about spiritual transitions in different countries of the world:

Question: You said that we cannot lump humanity together by force because all people are different. Does this mean that in the near future there will be a certain number of people in every country (more in some areas and less in others) who will be able to perform this complicated and difficult transition into the spiritual?

My Answer: Yes, but in fact, not everyone will perform it consciously, with understanding, in detail, and in steps. There are people in the world who have a greater understanding of this, those who have a lesser understanding, and there are also those who don’t understand it at all and only know how to use it by living the simple life of an average man.

Question: Does that mean they complete the transition almost without realizing it?

My Answer: They realize it, as it passes through them, but it passes in a relatively passive manner – only because they connect to those who attain actively. Ninety-nine percent of humanity is comprised of such passive people.

Question: There are countries where the majority of the people are still on the level of animal desires. Since we can’t push them anywhere by force, how will a new world order be organized?

My Answer: First of all, I see that Europe has more people who are on the level of animal desires than perhaps other “less developed” places. Second of all, the order of correction will organize itself, so we don’t need to organize it.

In this regard, our views and assessments of these civilizations: America, Europe, Africa, etc, are erroneous. We look at the level of knowledge, the level of our corporeal culture, the level of prosperity, and comfort of life. However, this has nothing at all to do with how well the “human” part is developed in a human being. Bedouins who live in tents in a desert could be much more human and much more open than modern European savages.

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Did Modern Science Break Through Into A New Dimension, Or Reach A Dead End?

blamingA question I received: Modern science has broken through into a dimension that is incommensurable for our current human consciousness. I get the feeling that scientists don’t know what to do with this knowledge because they are only starting to build general pictures of the universe, very slowly, but it is difficult for them to piece together a complete new picture of the universe.

My Answer: First of all, people’s knowledge and feelings are strictly subjective. The picture of reality is always formed within us, and there is nothing outside of us. We are always talking about the models that exist in us. Our world is inside us, and even we are all inside of ourselves.

We don’t know what happens outside, and there is no such thing as “outside” at all. Everything is within a person. If we take away the human being, there will be nothing to discuss because everything we know, everything we discuss, and everything we feel, is perceived within us, although it is presented to us as existing outside.

Question cont’d: Can the picture that physics and synergy illustrate for us provide spiritual elucidation?

My Answer: No, it will only lead to a dead end. A person has to realize that he must correct his desires. That is how he will change his perceived picture of the world. He needs to understand that he perceives reality in his qualities, and unless he changes his qualities, reality will not change!

Reality is the projection of our qualities against the background of white Light. Until we come to understand this, we will continue to wander around in the dark.

We have finished developing in our egoistic desire, in our qualities. All the current theories are finite. The only way to begin feeling the next state is by changing one’s qualities. The world is your subjective picture, your perception, and your own reflection. If you wish to change it, then change yourself. That is how you will change the world.

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Diamonds Are Becoming Outdated

profitA question I received: What does it mean that everything a person does should be done for the sake of others? Say, for instance, I have a business. In this context, what does it mean to “align my actions with others”?

My Answer: Any person, including a businessman, must first reveal the evil in the world. One must become certain of the fact that the only evil in the world is the faulty relationships between people. Then, all we have to do is simply change our relationships from hate to love.

The crisis is not happening because of some financial or economic program that failed. Rather, the most fundamental cause of the crisis is the relationships between people, which, as we are now starting to see, are destroying the world. This is why people have to sit down and study. There is no other way to change anything. And the current crisis is leading us to realize this.

In addition, we must understand that a business such as DeBeers, for instance, which is the global leader in diamond production, will not be rescued from collapse if it decides to offer us 10% of their profits as Maaser and to implement some private corporate changes. There are many businesses in the world which are completely superfluous, and they will stop functioning altogether because humanity will only need the things necessary for existence. People will need only quality products that are healthy and will satisfy their essential needs.

This new program which is being revealed more and more with each passing day is what controls humanity, and it will not allow anyone to accumulate capital above and beyond what is necessary for a person to lead a decent, correct, healthy and safe life.

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How To Aim At A Worthy Spiritual Target (Advanced)

worthyThe aim of the spiritual quest is to always strive in the direction of your target, never remaining in one place, captive to your desires. A person advances when his mind and heart are focused on the future, desired state.

When you do this, you don’t delude yourself, but advance forward. It’s okay if you haven’t reached the goal yet. What matters is that you don’t weigh yourself down with your current desires and qualities, which cling to your feet trying to stop you. However, you are also not “up in the clouds,” living an illusion of the spiritual world. No one experiences the spiritual world until it becomes their actual reality. This is the correct aim.

Each moment is an opportunity to make an effort toward the target – bestowal. With every step you take, you should feel as though you’re reaching the goal. This way, the work itself becomes your reward. Every time you have an obstacle on your path, you rise above it and enjoy the fact that you are building the form of bestowal above reason. The picture of the spiritual world is made up of your desires; it is formed by the force of bestowal using the contours of your soul.

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