Every Kabbalah Congress Is Another Chance

what2520is2520mutual2520guarantee2520in2520a2520virtuaIt is very important for beginner students to participate in our Congresses. By coming to a Congress, a person is revived and inspired, and this enables him to rise a little higher spiritually. You receive the energy that is the only thing able to help you move forward. This is actually the reason why we hold our Congresses. It is impossible to advance, to build a greater connection between us, without first establishing live contact. There is a reason why there’s a saying that “seeing is believing.”

If a person still lacks a clear aspiration to the goal and the point in his heart isn’t on fire yet, then the Congresses light him up and allow him to begin his spiritual development, even if he’s starting out from the material level. The external unification leads to inner unification, according to the principle, “the hearts aspire after the actions.” The external actions help us desire to unite on the inside, with our souls or our points in the heart.

During a Congress, while we communicate with each other directly, we try to unite all of our points, the rudiments of the souls, as strongly as possible. Afterwards, everyone goes back home, but each person strives to maintain this connection, and this is how we create the spiritual space! It’s worthwhile for us to meet at Congresses until we connect our points in the heart so much that we will be able to work with them in spite of the distance between us. We will then be able to use the distance to strengthen the connection between our souls.

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Cellphones Have Become More Of A Bother Than A Convenience

why-do-we-see-such-a-diverse-world1In the News (from StrategyAnalytics): Global Handset Shipments Fall at Fastest Rate in History during Q1 2009” Handset vendors shipped 245 million cellphones worldwide in Q1 2009, down a huge 13% from 282 million units a year earlier. This was the fastest rate of annual decline in handset shipments since our records began.

My Comment: The cellphone frenzy is winding down as the market becomes saturated, our egoism continues growing, and the annoying connections only disturb us. It is getting too difficult to run away from everyone. The connection we have gotten so used to now feels like slavery and dependency. All of this will lead people to recognize that there is nowhere to run from others, that we are surrounded on all fronts by virtual connections!

And then, people will recognize that it is necessary to establish an inner connection, a connection among the souls instead of the bodies, without all of the external communication. That is where we will find the highest harmony and the absolute fulfillment.

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