We Are At The Final Stretch Of Our Development

withoutA question I received: Why is it that when a point in the heart awakens in a person, he still has a long and difficult path to go before reaching spirituality?

My Answer: Why do you think the path is difficult? I look at the world and see so many people struggling to get money, power, fame, and knowledge, all to eventually experience a tiny pleasure. They waste their years on empty worries and false values.

When you engage in spiritual development, however, then even if you don’t move as quickly as you would like, but you still want to advance toward the goal, you will make progress. Isn’t this better than how the entire world is living?

Today, there are more and more people awakening to spirituality. It is impossible to even compare the number of students learning Kabbalah now to a mere few years ago.

When Rabash told me that the general awakening of the world would begin in 1995, I found it difficult to believe him. Who could have thought that the world would change so quickly? But suddenly, we do see that people are feeling empty and are experiencing a global crisis, including crises in nature, education, science, politics and economics.

It doesn’t matter that the media is lying and trying to hush up the crisis by assuring us that everything is alright. I am speaking of what is being revealed to us by nature.

Besides, it is understandable that people want to spruce up the situation. Everyone is instinctively trying to lessen their suffering and pain. This is why they close their eyes to the problems and tell themselves that everything is OK, that there is no crisis.

In the meantime, everything is crumbling and people continue to be laid off. But man is built in such a way that he does not want to see the truth.

The fact is that the Creator (Nature) is revealing to us that we are at a very advanced state. And this is all happening just twenty years after the general awakening has begun. Yet, you want to receive everything now, like a little child. You simply can’t understand what a huge, in fact – infinite desire we are dealing with, and how quickly it is changing.

The development of our desire dragged on gradually for thousands of years, but now it’s changing day by day. All you need is a little patience.
(From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)

Use The Light To Make Your Path Quick And Pleasant

bio1Informational genes (Reshimot) are changing in us at infinite speed as we speak. Yet, it seems to us that nothing is changing because there are just so many of them, and they all have to unravel in the form of a chain. However, while these inner changes cause external changes, like numbers changing on a meter, there are a billion actions that have to play out on the inside. So give them time to occur!

It is written, “Those who seek the Creator hasten time.” Our whole participation in creation comes down to hastening our development. After all, you are at the lowest level, in this world, but you have all the data you received while descending from above downward. You are now obliged to reascend by the same path from below upward.

The path remains the same; the only thing we can do is hasten our development. We will thereby make the path quick, desirable, and pleasant.

This constitutes the whole difference between the path of suffering, where we advance against our will, and the path of Light, where we do it by our own desire. The path of suffering is lengthy and happens through the influence of the forces of nature, which is pushing us ahead with beatings. We are pushed along like mules, standing in one spot and refusing to move. This is the natural path of development.

The second path is when you desire to advance on your own and you look for ways to do it. You thus shorten your path, making it quick and pleasant.
(From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson on Shamati #13)

The Whole World Is Like A Pyramid

and2520god2520created2520man2520in2520his2520own2520iA question I received: Why do we need so much time – 6,000 years – to reach the Final Correction?

My Answer: The whole world is structured like a pyramid that divides into the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human levels. The inanimate level is our entire universe, which was created about 15 billion years ago. The terrestrial globe with, vegetative life on it, was created 4 billion years ago. The first living organisms emerged about a half a billion years ago. The first human being emerged about 50,000 years ago (depending on who you consider to be a human being). Do you see the proportion of how all of these levels correlate?


The same applies to humans, who also develop through the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human levels within. On the inanimate level of development, human beings developed for several thousand years, and during that period, there was nothing differentiating humans from animals. Then the period of the “vegetative” level of human development began. And we have continued to exist on the animate level of development until this very day. Our entire inner development occurs due to our growing egoism.

Egoism that is individual or personal is a quality pertaining to the animate levels. In other words, on the inanimate level, everyone was the same. On the vegetative level, egoism began to flourish in people, but they developed as one integral mass, similar to plants that turn toward the sun together, or bend down together due to the wind, or open up together because of rain.

On the animate degree, individual egoistic desires begin to appear in a person, just as they are present in all animals. But when does a person reach the human degree? This is only starting to happen now, in the 21st century! So, just look at how many billions of years it took for the universe to develop, compared to the development of the human being.

You are asking: “We have been suffering for 5,000 years. How much longer do we need to suffer!?” But why don’t you ask about the past 15 billion years? Because you have a narrow, subjective view, which does not grasp the whole process.
(From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson on Shamati #13)

Given The Opportunity, Our Egoistic Desire Becomes A Thief

Don't Look for Love In This WorldIt’s not easy to understand that there is a method of being fulfilled by bestowal instead of reception. It seems illogical, and society doesn’t support this either.

However, all of this was arranged on purpose so this opportunity to be filled by bestowal, to reach infinite fulfillment and to feel eternal life, would remain hidden from us. Otherwise, our egoistic desire would rush directly to enjoy from bestowal. (After all, the most important thing for it is to receive pleasure.) It is like a thief that runs ahead of the crowd, screaming, “Catch the thief!”
(From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson on Shamati #13)

Take Control Of Your Future

controlNone of us knows what will happen to us in the next moment. But I don’t agree to this arrangement!

And moreover, I don’t just want to know the future; I also want to control it. I am not interested in fortune-telling. I want to reveal the future so I can control it.

This is why I need a higher, spiritual force to give me a hint about what my future form will be.

How To Reveal The Creator

g20A person who wants to reveal the concealed part of the world has to understand that there is nothing standing in his way. The revelation depends solely on his desire.

We exist inside the general, integral system of Nature, and we receive from it at every moment depending our desires’ similarity to Nature, which is unchanging. Nature is always in a state of perfection, whereas each of us has desires or Reshimot that are constantly changing. We experience ourselves and our existence inside these desires to the degree they are similar to Nature.

This is why we feel miserable: because our desires are opposite to Nature. If you aim your desire at becoming more like Nature, then you will immediately feel an improvement of your state.

So, there’s no sense waiting for any changes to come from outside. The positive changes can only take place when you change to become more similar to Nature – to this perfect, unchanging system.

This process is similar to a baby’s relationship with its mother. The mother has everything, and as soon as the baby desires something that’s good for it, it will immediately receive it. But if the baby desires something that’s bad for it, then it won’t receive it and will feel bad, since its desire will remain empty.

Thus, we feel bad inside our current desires because the Creator – the perfect system – does not fulfill them, due to the fact that they are opposite to Him. It is written, “Make your desire the same as His desire” – and then it will immediately be filled.
(From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)

Our Desire Is The Button That Can Change The Channel Of Our Reality

ourPresently we’re looking at the picture of this world as though it were a television channel. We’ve grown accustomed to it and cannot even imagine the existence of another channel.

Suddenly a desire (point in the heart) to change the channel appears in us. Before this we could not even imagine that this was possible, and now we begin to learn how it can be done and how we can transition to the new channel.

I begin to realize that I can change the channel if I truly have the desire to do so, and that my desire is that very button that can change it. In other words, I need the understanding of what I am I am changing and my purpose for doing so.

To that end I am given the right books, a guide and an environment of others, who are also striving towards this new channel. After all, my desire is tiny, and the right environment can increase this desire in me, impart to me its desire to watch this new channel, and the strength to make the change.

In the new society towards which we are striving, everyone will talk about bestowal,  the global interconnected network where everyone works for the benefit of society and the collective desire to change over to the new channel. Gradually, I also become filled with this desire.

With this desire I come to the lesson and demand Light, which is  the force of that very new channel towards which I strive. This force will evoke new qualities and discernments within me, and when I am ready to perceive the channel correctly, it will switch on automatically.

I desire this new understanding and the ability to discern this new world. This is what the Light teaches me. Otherwise I will not be able to see anything there.  It is  just as a baby looks upon the same painting as an adult, but instead of admiring its beauty, the baby tries to stick it in his mouth, because that is how he perceives the world.

The moment I am ready, the new channel will be switched on automatically. But the old channel will not disappear.  The new channel will simply be added to the first, and I will see the old channel against the context of the new one. This is how both worlds combine within me to form one unified harmony. I will see how all the parts of reality are connected and see reality itself not as matter, but as forces that set matter in motion.

Mankind is bored to death with the old channel, which is why societies are plagued with drug use and depression. It can no longer watch the same old picture of the world on the television screen; it longs to change the channel.

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Pain And Loneliness Are Caused By Our Lack Of Unity

Israel's waterIn the News (from Science Daily):Genetic Link Between Physical Pain And Social Rejection Found” – UCLA psychologists have determined for the first time that a gene linked with physical pain sensitivity is associated with social pain sensitivity as well.

My Comment: The conclusion is simple. As Kabbalah says, all our problems originate from the fact that a very long time ago we were one organism that  broke into many separate pieces. All our problems started from that point, and they will end only when we reunite as one body. Is this possible?

Nothing is impossible in Nature! It will bring us to that state of unity either through the path of suffering or we ourselves will begin the process of reuniting according to the method of Kabbalah.

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Aspire To The Creator And Let His Light Correct You

Love is Providing Others With the Means to Fulfill Their Point in the HeartTwo questions I received about earthly love and desires:

Question: What should I do when I realize that love I feel toward another person is the game that the Creator is playing with me? Should I pray for the Creator to give me strength to love only Him and forsake earthly love in order to focus only on the Creator? After all, my love is a force that I feel inside me. Changing one love for another is not as easy as changing currencies. Such prayer too, requires a lot of strength. Can I play with the Creator, through such love?

My Answer: Don’t philosophize. Continue to study and the Light will put everything in its place. Leave it to the light. Above all – don’t leave your studies. That is the only thing that you have the ability to control.

Question: I’ve been studying for six months and would like to ask a question that really bothers me.  If I separate myself from the desire to receive, then who am I? If I am the desire to receive and my individuality is a collection of my Reshimot, what desire should I separate myself from? Do I have to leave only the necessary desires, and if so, how do I define them?

My Answer: You shouldn’t separate yourself from egoism, but instead, just aspire to  connection with the Creator. These are different tendencies! Let your egoism be. To the measure of your aspiration towards the Creator, His Light will act upon you and the Ohr Makif will make all the necessary corrections and changes within you.

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