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Daily Kabbalah Lesson, 09.04.2009

As soon as I am ready, I automatically make the transition into the spiritual world.
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Part 1, on Shamati #122
It is precisely at times of uncertainty and confusion, when it appears that there’s no way out, that one receives the chance to make a free choice, above knowledge.
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Part 2, on Part 1 of Talmud Eser Sefirot, “Inner Reflection”
The spiritual system is built such that during one’s life in this world, every person is able to reach the Final Correction.
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Part 3, on “Introduction to the book From the Mouth of a Sage
The entire system of the spiritual worlds was created for the sake of a “small” person, in order to raise him to the highest level of all reality.

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Change Yourself And You Will See A Gleaming World Full Of Light

lightA question I received: You’re saying that people shouldn’t correct the world, but only themselves. But what can I do if I see that half the people I know don’t want to correct themselves, wishing only to lead the life of an animal? How can I correct myself?

My Answer: You have to correct yourself until you stop seeing that people lead the life of an animal. Instead of feeling sorry for these people, feel sorry for yourself for seeing them the way that you do. The moment you correct your vision, you will see these people as happy and successful. If you change yourself, you will see them in a completely different way! Someone that appeared unhappy to you will turn out to be joyful and happy. You will see a wealthy man instead of a pauper. You will see that someone whose sole interest in life was beer and football is actually a sage’s student who has attained all the worlds.

You have to grieve and lament over your seeing them as such, because the distorted picture you see is nothing but a result of your own corruption, of you looking at them with uncorrected eyes. The whole world is a reflection of what you have within. Within you are all of the vices of the world. If you see the poor, the sick and the corrupt, it testifies only to your own corruption. Otherwise you would see a world full of goodness.

If the Creator is good and does good, how can there be evil in the world? It’s all because there is no goodness inside you; otherwise you would see a gleaming world. A person doesn’t need to correct the world, but only his vision of it. There’s no one to correct but yourself. As soon as you do, you will see that the world is full of Light. It’s the World of Infinity, abundant and perfect. We can’t see it, however, because we are corrupt. It’s concealed from us behind 125 curtains, which we have to remove.

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The Spiritual World Is An Integral System (Advanced)

remindsWe live in an integral system, where any change is reflected in all the spiritual worlds, in all ten Sefirot. Therefore, any time I change anything inside me, this causes a change in every single person and even the entire universe. And each particular change in a person, in turn, causes new changes in everyone, and so it goes. This process comes to an end when the whole system reaches its final restful state. At that point the beginning and end unite into a single, unchanging, eternal state.

The spiritual world is not built on a piecemeal foundation; it is not made up of separate pieces. It is whole, complete and integral. And even though we treat each other and our surroundings in a “linear” fashion, in actuality we are speaking of an analogous, integral system that eventually “calms down” and becomes balanced out.

A person has to be an active part of this process until he comes to encompass this entire system, until he takes this entire system into him and it becomes his nature. This is why our task is not to gain an external understanding of the science of Kabbalah, but to make internal changes in accordance with the system we are studying. We need to completely absorb it within. Only then will everyone be incorporated in each other according to the principle of love of others. We will then attain full control over our eternal, complete, and integral existence.

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The Quantum Hamlet Effect, Or How To Be The Hamlet Of All Reality

migrationIn the News (from Quantum Physics): Quantum Hamlet Effect” In this work, by use of a formalism similar to formalism of the quantum Zeno effect (decrease of the decay probability of an unstable quantum system by frequent measurements) and quantum anti-Zeno effect (increase of the decay probability of an unstable quantum system by frequent measurements), we introduce the so-called quantum Hamlet effect. It represents a complete destruction of the quantum predictions on the decay probability of an unstable quantum system by frequent measurement. Precisely, by means of some especial, correctly defined, frequent measurements, decay probability of an unstable quantum system can behave as a divergent series without any definite value. In this way there is quantum mechanically completely unsolvable “Hamlet dilemma,” to decay or not to decay.

My Comment: Kabbalah explains that everything happens relative to us and inside us. Everything is completely dependent on our qualities. Everything that is observed is observed by us. Therefore, by controlling our thoughts, we can “mentally,” but practically, control all matter. So, every one of us can be Hamlet, always, and in all of reality!

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