Why This World Is Mandatory For Spiritual Progress

cityIt is written: “No bread, no Torah.” This means that our life here, in this world, precedes everything. Before I do anything else, I have to secure my existence on the corporeal level.

Therefore, a person has to work and do everything that is necessary in this life, without turning away from it. The science of Kabbalah considers this condition mandatory for one’s correction on a higher level.

I have to take care of everything that is necessary for my normal existence. This is a very important condition in the science of Kabbalah, and it differentiates it from all other spiritual methods, which try to disconnect a person from this life.

The science of Kabbalah says the opposite: it is precisely while you are living this life, where you work, study, and give birth to children, that you must reach the general balance with Nature. And under no circumstances should you run away from this world.
(From Part 3 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)

The Single Cause Of All Our Problems

singleA question I received: If everything we see in the world is merely a reflection of our inner state, does this mean that in order to see the world as corrected, we have to correct ourselves inside?

My Answer: All correction occurs within us. We do not have to correct the world. Unless you correct yourself, the world will not change for the better.

This fact will soon be revealed to us to the full extent. No matter how many good or bad things we do in the outside world – that is, within the bounds of only this world – our actions don’t affect anything, such as the ecology, for example. It’s just that one phenomenon becomes revealed instead of another. For instance, if we stop burning gasoline and switch to ecologically clean fuel, this will obviously entail certain changes in the atmosphere. But instead of the old problems, new problems will appear.

This happens because you have not corrected yourself through that. All of the balance in nature depends only on man’s correction. Therefore, the lack of balance on the human level, the lack of connection between people, is the single cause of all our problems.
(From Part 3 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)

Moments From The Daily Lesson: Save The World

How To Piece Together A Shattered Vessel

what is mutual guarantee in a virtual groupWhat are the desires or the souls that were shattered? At one point, there was one screen that united us.  But then the Light came and revealed to everyone how we are all different. Although we all strive towards the Creator, each of us bestows in their own way.

It’s like a bunch of family members all trying to feed one baby. The mom gives him the porridge, the grandma wants to give him milk, while the grandpa insists that only bread will make the baby healthy. Each one wants to give something to the same baby, but in the process they all argue with each other.

The desires become shattered because the connection between them breaks, and due to this breakage, they also lose the chance to bestow to the Creator!

We have to understand exactly what is shattered.  Only then will we know what needs to be corrected. We will find that the only way to build a human being (the middle line) is by reuniting all the pieces of the soul which have lost their connection with each other and it will become clear that the only way to unite the pieces around them is centered around that very same baby that first connected them.

Imagine that the whole family starts hating each other.  The mother, father, grandmother, grandfather and everyone else all wish the baby “well” according to their own criteria, while denying the opinions of the others. So, what will bring us back together? Only the love toward the baby. Each one of us will then be willing to rise above his own egoism and lower his head for the baby’s sake.

This is why unity between us is possible only if we wish to reach the state of bestowal towards the Creator. We will then unite all together with Him into one whole.
(From Part 2 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, on “Preface to the Sulam Commentary”)

A Wonder Cure For The Soul

activity1No matter what we do, we always act for the sake of our egoism and we never go against it. It was in order to help us exit our egoism and enter the Upper World that we were given the Light of Correction. This Light influences us even when we strive for an egoistic goal, such as when we are afraid of ending our lives without achieving anything of greatness, when we desire to feel eternity and perfection, and to enter the eternal spiritual world.

A person sees that he gets nothing from his earthly life. It is short and empty, and nothing remains of it once it’s over. We, as humanity, had to go through thousands of years of egoistic development just in order to come to this realization. And the majority of people still don’t stop to think about this even today, being preoccupied by the mundane concerns of daily life.

For now, they are still not so concerned about the meaning of life, as they are about how to gain the most in life. Their inner desires haven’t yet ripened sufficiently to ask about the meaning of life.

But if the point in the heart awakens in a person, he begins being concerned about his life after death. And later on he comes to understand that he can attain the sensation of eternal life even while living in this world.

Thus, he begins to study Kabbalah books, even though his objectives are still egoistic: He wants to master the World of infinity, to feel, understand and control everything. But gradually, the Light inside these books changes him and instills new values in him. He learns how to lie to his own body and to force it to work for the spiritual goal. And eventually he comes to agree and accept the path that the Creator has set for him.

The Light then raises him above his ego and brings him to the quality of bestowal. He thereby acquires a new mind and an understanding of the entire system of reality; he reveals the Upper Worlds and the thought of creation.
(From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)

Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 09.24.09

Preparation to the Lesson
The Daily Kabbalah Lesson is the best opportunity to attract the force of correction. It’s a time when a multitude of desires unite into one great aspiration.
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Part 1, on Writings of Rabash
At every moment, you have to leave room for the Light to work inside your desire.
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Part 2, on “Preface to the Sulam Commentary”
I am influenced by two opposite forces: the right line and the left line. My task is to build the middle line: my independent aspiration toward the Creator.
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Part 3, on “Thou Hast Hemmed Me In Behind and Before”
This world is egoism. The spiritual world is bestowal.
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5 Minutes Of Light From The Daily Lesson: Find Balance Through The Middle Line

The Only Chance To Change Anything In Our World

chanceA question I received: When we learn how to bestow, will the mutual bestowal between our souls in the spiritual world influence our material world?

My Answer: Of course. Our current, uncorrected attitudes to one another awaken forces of envy and hatred in our world, which is why our world looks they way it does. If we attract the force of correction (the force of mercy) from Above, then positive forces will descend into our world, bringing us peace, unity, balance, safety and tranquility.

We cannot influence anything within the plane of this world. We see that no matter how much we try to do something in our world, nothing ends up right. People think that they can change something in their personal lives because they see that they advance there. But on the global scale, we see that no one is in control of the situation. The latest crises (including those in education, culture, family life, economy and finance, and the ecology) are making us realize that we are absolutely unable to withstand them.

All of this is purposeful, intended only in order to show us time and time again that we cannot correct anything within the plane of this world. Our world is but a result of the Upper Forces’ influence. That is why we have to ascend to the level of these forces and from there, change their influence on us here, in this world.

If we attract the Upper Light during our studies, when we connect with one another, then we will undoubtedly elicit very big improvements in our world. This is the only chance we have to affect our world.
(From Part 3 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)

The Whole World Was Created For You

munichA person who advances in the spiritual sense discovers that all of reality is corrected except for him, and everything depends on him alone. “The world was created for me.” I tip the world’s balance over to goodness or evil at every moment of my life.

It’s as if all the other people don’t do anything, since they have no freedom of choice. In every moment of my existence,  I am the only one that has the freedom to change the world for the better.
(From Part 3 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)

The Key To Balance Is In Man’s Hands

adviceAll of reality is in balance, and only man breaks this balance with his egoistic force, causing many problems. All of nature strives for homeostasis. This is the general law of the universe. All opposite forces have to be balanced at all times.

The Light and Kli will always be together and opposite to one another. And a person has to be in the middle line. The is the condition for perfect existence. The farther away you are from the middle line, the more you will suffer as you keep developing. And the suffering will force you to find a solution – the middle line, the correct balance between two opposites.

A person shouldn’t try to destroy one thing for the sake of another, because there is nothing in the world that was created in vain. There is a place for everything. So, don’t try to correct the nature around you. Correct only yourself, because you have to bring yourself to balance with nature.

Besides you, there is no one else lacking balance. After all, nature is structured such that all others instinctively follow the law of balance. This was arranged on purpose, in order for you to use your free choice to correct yourself and bring yourself to balance – to a connection with other souls and the Creator.

However, you cannot do this on your own. You only have to demand for this to happen, for the Light to come and bring you back to this connection.
(From Part 3 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)