The Single Cause Of All Our Problems

singleA question I received: If everything we see in the world is merely a reflection of our inner state, does this mean that in order to see the world as corrected, we have to correct ourselves inside?

My Answer: All correction occurs within us. We do not have to correct the world. Unless you correct yourself, the world will not change for the better.

This fact will soon be revealed to us to the full extent. No matter how many good or bad things we do in the outside world – that is, within the bounds of only this world – our actions don’t affect anything, such as the ecology, for example. It’s just that one phenomenon becomes revealed instead of another. For instance, if we stop burning gasoline and switch to ecologically clean fuel, this will obviously entail certain changes in the atmosphere. But instead of the old problems, new problems will appear.

This happens because you have not corrected yourself through that. All of the balance in nature depends only on man’s correction. Therefore, the lack of balance on the human level, the lack of connection between people, is the single cause of all our problems.
(From Part 3 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)

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