The Amazing Power Of Authentic Kabbalah Books

You Are Welcome to Help YourselfBy studying Kabbalah, a person begins to reveal that all of reality was organized by the Creator in order for the person to reveal all His actions, according to the rule: “The advantage of the Light comes from the darkness.”

We are thrown into a new state at every moment, and while in it, we have to demand the Light in order to gain a spiritual mind and understanding. The only thing we need is an aspiration toward the Light, above any situations that come our way. A person should think only about how to place himself beneath the influence of this invisible Light, and the Light will, in turn, bring forth a new picture of the world within him.

This should let us understand how important authentic Kabbalah books are. After all, without a book that was written by a true Kabbalist, we can never attract the Light of Correction. So, we have to be grateful to Kabbalists like Baal HaSulam, who left us their books. There is simply no other force which will influence us and allow us to attain spirituality when we study and want to attract the Light.

And the Kabbalistic source does not necessarily have to be a book. You can also study over the Internet at the Kabbalah Learning Centre or watch our TV channel, Kabbalah TV, because all of our study materials and lessons are based on the authentic sources, even if a person does not understand the language that is used. The most important thing is to be together and desire the Light of Correction. It doesn’t matter how much theory you know. What’s important is to strive to enter the material with your sensations.

If a person attracts the Upper Light in every situation he is in, through every thought and desire, then he corrects himself. This is what the speed and might of one’s correction depend on.

Don’t Waste Precious Moments Of Your Life

preciousYou have to constantly check yourself in relation to the Light, the quality of bestowal. To the extent you do this, you will receive the force of the Light, which will correct you. All our efforts have to be directed at desiring the influence of the Light, which will cause the birth of a new quality – bestowal – inside us. If you focus only on this: drawing the Light of correction, then you won’t get confused or scatter you efforts on unnecessary actions.

We usually try to do everything except drawing the Light of Correction upon ourselves. However, this Light is the only thing we need. It will give us the right intelligence and carry out all the actions for us. We don’t do anything ourselves. Anything that we do without the Light’s assistance is an animate action, which won’t bring us an inch closer to the goal.

Therefore, from dawn to dusk, every thought we have and action we perform should lead us to one question: “Where is the Light of Correction?” Only the Light of Correction should perform the work for us, including the clarification and the action. This is what’s written: “I created the evil inclination and I created the Torah for its correction, because the Light that is hidden in it returns one to the source.” It’s the Light that has to do everything, not you. It has to return you to goodness and correct you.

It is not written that the Light should help you return to goodness yourself. Rather, It does everything from beginning to end. So, if you do anything at all besides drawing the Light, then you will become confused and waste precious moments of your life.
(From Part 3 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)

All Of Creation Is The Work Of Two Forces

munichAll the diversity in creation is created by the interaction of two forces – giving and receiving. Their interaction results in the formation of images which we clearly perceive, because these two forces unite inside a person. We don’t perceive the force of reception or the force of bestowal separately. We always feel their interaction, which depicts various images of the world inside us.

These images depend on the thickness of one’s desire (0, 1, 2, 3 and 4), which is the vessel in which the force of bestowal illustrates these qualities for a person. Depending on this, one feels the inanimate, vegetative, and animate objects in nature, or the human being (the soul) and the Upper World.
(From Part 3 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)

Moments From The Daily Kabbalah Lesson: Deeper Into Matter

Publication Of My Interview For Madrid’s EFE News Agency

A number of Spanish language newspapers published an article about my recent interview with EFE News Agency in Madrid. The title of the article is, “True Kabbalah Isn’t Madonna.” Here is the article as it appears in El Periódico de México:


In the interview, I spoke about the origin of Kabbalah, Kabbalah as the means for exiting the world crisis, information about Kabbalah Congresses and the content of the press conferences held in Madrid, Buenos Aires and Turkey.

Here is a partial list of the news agencies that published the article: El Periódico de México (Мехico), La Vanguardia (Columbia), La Razón (Spain), El Economista (Spain), La Voz Digital (Spain), La Región (Spain), Atlántico (Spain), La Prensa (Spain), ADN (Spain).

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5 Minutes Of Light From The Daily Kabbalah Lesson: Intention While Reading Kabbalah Books

Are Jews The Cause Of The Crisis In The Ukraine?

Laitman_2009-07-30_1973_usIn the News (translated from The Israeli ambassador to the Ukraine said that as a result of the most dire economic and political crisis in the Ukraine, the Jews could be declared as perpetrators of the grave situation in that country.

My Comment: Actually, The Book of Zohar talks about the same thing – see “Introduction to The Book of Zohar”, Items 60-71.

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For Science To Move Forward, The Observer Has To Change

Observing Torah and Mitzvot Means Correcting One's Natural Intentions to the Intentions of BestowalScientists hope that the Large Hadron Collider will help them discover new particles, to reveal what existed before the universe was created, and to find out about what was there before matter formed. By going deeper into the micro-world, it’s almost like they’re going back to the time when the spark of spiritual energy broke through from the Upper World to the material level, and began creating matter in it.

But even though scientists are hoping to reveal this state, they will instead encounter an effect where everything just disappears… After all, people and all their instruments are built on the egoistic principle of capturing, absorbing, and revealing what we are able to “catch” inside ourselves.

We can only reveal nature to a specific point – the limit of our senses’ perception. However, the Upper World of bestowal is situated beyond our current perception. In order to investigate it, we must “equip” ourselves with its quality – bestowal.

If we begin to gradually acquire this property, we start rising up the spiritual degrees, until we reach the point from which the spiritual forces began their descent down to our world, before its conception. And on the border of the worlds, we will be able to understand how the spark of the Upper Light was able to break through into our world and create all is filling.

This is why scientists will eventually come to the conclusion that they must first change themselves before they can obtain results. The observer is the one who must change! Indeed, science is already acknowledging that the observation of an event influences the results of their experiments, whether they are researching elementary particles or entire galaxies. In the past, however, science asserted that the world exists independent of us, independent of the observer, of man, the earth and life on it.

If the observer can change the outcome of the observed, then the reality we see depends on us and does not exist independently, or outside of us. Thus, in order to move forward in our research of nature, we have to acquire the quality of bestowal. We will then discover “the Creator” – the force that creates the world.

5 Minutes Of Light From The Daily Kabbalah Lesson: Increase The Quality Of Your Desire

How shifting your focus from a goal of fulfillment to a goal of longing increases the quality of your desire:

Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 09.17.09

Preparation to the Lesson
The science of Kabbalah begins from the point when a person understands that he is ruled by egoism and wants to be ruled by something else.
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Writings of Rabash
All of one’s actions should be focused on the intention one has when reading a Kabbalah book. One should expect it to give him the force that will correct him.
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“Preface to the Sulam Commentary”
The spiritual “me” is the unification with other souls. It is impossible to be alone in the spiritual world, because it is governed by bestowal.
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Thou Hast Hemmed Me In Behind And Before
New movies and books create new standards for a person, opening up the possibility of a different reality for him.
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