For Science To Move Forward, The Observer Has To Change

Observing Torah and Mitzvot Means Correcting One's Natural Intentions to the Intentions of BestowalScientists hope that the Large Hadron Collider will help them discover new particles, to reveal what existed before the universe was created, and to find out about what was there before matter formed. By going deeper into the micro-world, it’s almost like they’re going back to the time when the spark of spiritual energy broke through from the Upper World to the material level, and began creating matter in it.

But even though scientists are hoping to reveal this state, they will instead encounter an effect where everything just disappears… After all, people and all their instruments are built on the egoistic principle of capturing, absorbing, and revealing what we are able to “catch” inside ourselves.

We can only reveal nature to a specific point – the limit of our senses’ perception. However, the Upper World of bestowal is situated beyond our current perception. In order to investigate it, we must “equip” ourselves with its quality – bestowal.

If we begin to gradually acquire this property, we start rising up the spiritual degrees, until we reach the point from which the spiritual forces began their descent down to our world, before its conception. And on the border of the worlds, we will be able to understand how the spark of the Upper Light was able to break through into our world and create all is filling.

This is why scientists will eventually come to the conclusion that they must first change themselves before they can obtain results. The observer is the one who must change! Indeed, science is already acknowledging that the observation of an event influences the results of their experiments, whether they are researching elementary particles or entire galaxies. In the past, however, science asserted that the world exists independent of us, independent of the observer, of man, the earth and life on it.

If the observer can change the outcome of the observed, then the reality we see depends on us and does not exist independently, or outside of us. Thus, in order to move forward in our research of nature, we have to acquire the quality of bestowal. We will then discover “the Creator” – the force that creates the world.

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