Opening Your Eyes To The Interconnection Of Humanity

connectA question I received: What is universal ego, and how can one take care of seven billion people? What should I do for them and what should I feel while I’m doing it?

My Answer: We don’t have a better example than a family. Humanity is one family, but not the modern-day kind, where each member is ready to turn his back on the rest; rather, it is the traditional kind, where all are tied together with strong bonds. You watch out for all family members – their health, sustenance, well-being and success. If any member of the family is in dire straits, the whole family suffers. This is how we must take care of all seven billion people.

As a matter of fact, nothing could be easier. You only need to exit your egoistic desire, and then you will discover that there is no difference in relating to seven billion people, one person, the Creator or several friends. The difficult part is to free oneself of egoism. To achieve that, you need to witness how interconnected we are. Kabbalah helps “open your eyes” to this connection.

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Our Desires Reflect What We Believe To Be Necessary

g202Two questions I received from women about necessities and bearing children:

Question: Being a woman (and we are more vain I hear), what is the parameter of “normal consumption?” Is my going to get my hair done regularly at the beauty shop excessive, and what about all the beauty products that women consume – the clothes, the accessories, the jewelry, the shoes? Should we have only two pairs of shoes? I completely understand that excessive consumption of food leads to bad health – that one I get.

My Answer: If your head is “in the clouds,” then your mind cannot be focused on shopping. This is what will happen naturally, won’t it?

Question: In this world of crisis and suffering, should one want to have children? (I am a 32 year old woman, childless, and wondering if this egoistic desire to have kids should be fulfilled or not, as we know it is so hard to live in the world we know.)

My Answer: You should bear and raise children, in order to make them and yourself similar to the Creator.

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In The Spiritual World, Actions Take Place Faster Than The Speed Of Light

remindsA question I received: When a person is on the path of spiritual development and is going through the period of concealment, he feels lost and confused. He understands that egoism is evil, but he is unable to part with it. Where can he find the strength to do this?

My Answer: We go through many different states throughout our life, and the states are different for every age group. At every moment in time, all kinds of inner changes take place in us with the speed of atoms spinning inside us, faster and faster. These changes take place inside our desires, on an unconscious level.

For several billion of these inner actions, there’s one instant when a “number shifts” inside us, like in a meter with many cogwheels spinning inside it, when suddenly the meter shifts from “0” to “1.” After that everything spins around inside for a long time again, and then the number jumps from “1” to “2.” This is what happens inside us as well.

This is why we have to allot some time for these actions to transpire. The same thing usually takes place in our regular lives: we often find ourselves in a situation that drags on and on, until it’s suddenly over “by itself.” And when you’re in that situation, you know that you have to change, but you just can’t.

It takes time for things to change. Meanwhile, we have to act as an “ox in a yoke,” since we can’t tell exactly what is happening to us, we don’t understand the actions taking place.

Later on, when a person enters the spiritual world, he begins to understand everything. He acquires new desires of bestowal, and through them, he is able to discern billions of actions in a single instant. This becomes simple, like his body.

However, today the same actions are also taking place inside us, infinitely fast. We have to be patient and wait, meaning that we have to continue along our path. At one point, the present state will reach an end, the “number will shift,” and we will agree to bestow.
(From part 1 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, on Shamati #18)

Kabbalah Is A Science Where You Verify Things For Yourself

economicsA question I received: If Kabbalah is a science, why is it written that the Surrounding Light influences only those who believe?

My Answer: In Kabbalah, “faith” means the force of bestowal. Kabbalah doesn’t tell you to believe in something that someone says. In this science, faith is the force of bestowal – Bina, rather than words that someone says and someone else accepts as a fact.

When you study a science, you don’t believe in anything. Likewise, the science of Kabbalah does not use the notion of faith. This is not religion!

When I study Kabbalah, I trust the Kabbalists’ advice in order to draw the Surrounding Light upon me. The Kabbalists tell me what I should do, and explain why. With their help, I study the spiritual system, trusting them like a child who trusts his teacher in school or his parents. A small child has to trust an adult in order to ascend to a higher level. He has to rely on the instructions that come to him from the upper level – but not more than this.

This differs from the religion of our world, where faith isn’t when you trust someone in order to then ascend and verify things for yourself; but fanatic loyalty with your eyes closed. In Kabbalah, however, you don’t accept the Kabbalists’ words for a fact. Rather, you implement and verify them for yourself. Then, once you acquire a set of knowledge and proofs, you can continue the research on your own.

The Spiritual Worlds Are Degrees Of Connection Between Our Souls

correctBaal HaSulam writes that everyone has to study the wisdom of Kabbalah, because this is the reason a person is born: to correct himself.

Our world emerged due to the breaking of souls, when the single, unified soul partitioned into billions of pieces – individual souls. Today we are in the state of separation, which we perceive in the form of “this world.” In reality, however, there are no lower or upper worlds; they are just products of the human perception of the degree of connection between the souls.

“The world” is a degree of connection among the souls. The current degree is “this world.” If the souls begin coming closer to one another, then the increased interconnection among them will be called, “the World of Yetzira.” An even greater connection is, “the World of Beria,” and so on.

As we strengthen the connection between the souls, we will consecutively feel all the worlds. We will ascend up the levels of the worlds all the way until the World of Infinity, where everything is one.

Kabbalah is the method that helps all the souls to unite into the corrected state. This is why it is so vital to us.

(From Part 3 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)

Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 9/11/9

Preparation to the Lesson
By uniting, we create a common desire, within which we can reveal the quality of bestowal.
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Part 1, on Shamati #18, Shamati #18, “What Is, My Soul Shall Weep in Secret in the Work”
You should see yourself as a laboratory, where you perform experiments based on the Kabbalists’ instructions.
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Part 2, on “Inner Observation” in Talmud Eser Sefirot
No matter what kind of changes are happening around us, they are all happening inside us.
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Part 3, on “Introduction to the book From the Mouth of a Sage”
Everyone has to study the science of Kabbalah. After all, this is what man is born for: to correct himself.
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Personal Sprititual Development Through Dissemination

there-are-no-idols-in-kabbalahA question I received: I have completed a few courses, attended the Tuesday lectures and participated in a Congress a couple of years ago. Now, I am listening through the Internet and reading the books, but I have a strong repulsion from taking part in dissemination. Further, I don’t feel a gram of spiritual advancement. I don’t want to feel used in any way. Does this mean that I won’t be able to advance with acceleration?

My Answer: You are making no progress. The dissemination of Kabbalah is the means for your own personal spiritual development because it is precisely in connection with others that you will build a place in which you will reveal the Creator. You haven’t yet grasped the method and haven’t used it correctly. Best wishes!

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When You’re Ready, Kabbalah Will Be Waiting For You

dsc02617A question I received: I simply don’t understand what the meaning of life is. I understand that maybe you can think up a meaning yourself. I can also do this but I won’t believe it. For now, I don’t understand what I should strive for. I don’t know what I can do or what direction to take.

Yes, it is possible to change, to develop, to realize oneself, to become like the Creator…but, what for? How can one strive to become similar to someone who you do not know?

My Answer: If you don’t have this need, you can relax. This means that you are not yet ready for Kabbalah. When the need arises, you can come back to it! The study of Kabbalah is for those who ask about the meaning of life, have not been able to find the answer and who cannot exist without finding it!

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