Our Desires Reflect What We Believe To Be Necessary

g202Two questions I received from women about necessities and bearing children:

Question: Being a woman (and we are more vain I hear), what is the parameter of “normal consumption?” Is my going to get my hair done regularly at the beauty shop excessive, and what about all the beauty products that women consume – the clothes, the accessories, the jewelry, the shoes? Should we have only two pairs of shoes? I completely understand that excessive consumption of food leads to bad health – that one I get.

My Answer: If your head is “in the clouds,” then your mind cannot be focused on shopping. This is what will happen naturally, won’t it?

Question: In this world of crisis and suffering, should one want to have children? (I am a 32 year old woman, childless, and wondering if this egoistic desire to have kids should be fulfilled or not, as we know it is so hard to live in the world we know.)

My Answer: You should bear and raise children, in order to make them and yourself similar to the Creator.

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