Our Awareness Of The Source Makes The Difference Between Pleasure And Pain

creatorA question I received: How can a person avoid suffering?

My Answer: Ask yourself: who inflicts all the problems and suffering on you? If you felt that they all come from the Creator, you’d already feel better.

It’s similar to a surgeon who operates on you: even though it’s a painful process, you know that what he is doing is good for you. In fact, if you have enough understanding of the gravity of your illness and the efficacy of the treatment, then you won’t feel pain at all. If you understand that the operation will make you get well, you will even ask the surgeon to perform the operation sooner!

Thus, it’s because we do not have this sensation that we feel suffering. The feeling of suffering is not caused by the pain itself, but by the fact that we don’t feel Who inflicts the suffering upon us.

If you could feel that the pain comes from a surgeon rather than a criminal, then you wouldn’t experience it as pain, and you would even be grateful to the one causing it, instead of trying to fight what the criminal is doing to you.

So, what you lack is not a disconnection from the pain or from the act itself, but the revelation of the Creator, who is the one responsible for the act as well as its aim. Only then will you sense pleasure instead of suffering.

It is a psychological problem, really. Even scientific experiments show that the suffering and pleasure felt inside a body stem from the same processes. Pain and pleasure are just surges of sensations in two different directions. For the body, they are the same thing, and it’s only later that our mind discerns them as different. The body, however, feels them as the same thing.

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Zambian President Chiluba Gains Upper Hand By Siding With Israel

zambiaIn the News: (from The Post):Days are numbered for young politicians calling Rupiah names, warns Chiluba” Addressing church leaders during an interdenominational service at Living Water Global Ministries on Sunday afternoon in Kitwe, [former president] Chiluba has said Zambia needs to strengthen its ties with Israel for it to prosper.

Chiluba asked for God’s forgiveness for having been part of a Zambian delegation to the United Nations in 1973, which voted for the isolation of Israel and that from then on Zambia began experiencing problems to the extent of having food shortages. He said Zambia started to prosper after restoring ties with Israel when he assumed office in 1991.

My Comment: Chiluba is actually right, but is there anyone who will listen to him? Israel’s entire mission (which Chiluba has no idea about) is to pass the science of Kabbalah on to the world, which is the method of revealing the Creator to humankind. Because of this, those who help Israel will eventually win, and those who harm it will eventually lose.

The issue here is not God’s choice of the people, but God’s choice of their mission.

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The Only Thing We Need Is The Light To Influence Our Point In The Heart

closerWhen the point in the heart emerges in a person, he can continue developing further by means of the Light’s influence, since the Light brings forth the quality of bestowal in him. I live the life of my body, and there is only one point inside me that’s willing to unite with the spiritual world, with the spiritual Light. My task is to create a connection between the Light and this point.

Only the Light is able to penetrate inside my egoistic desire (heart) and touch the point in the heart. This is why I have to direct all my efforts at attracting the Light to this point. I don’t yet understand exactly how It works; this is something I will figure out later. For now, my advancement happens by me attracting the Light to my point.

The Creator created the evil inclination, egoism, my heart, and inside it – the point in the heart. It was for the sake of this point that the force of correction, the Light, was prepared. So act in such a way that the Light will work on you. Everything else is not important even one bit.

It’s A Fact That People Don’t Accept Facts!

laitman_2009-03_7952In the News (from University at Buffalo):Study Demonstrates How We Support Our False Beliefs”  In a study published in the most recent issue of the journal Sociological Inquiry, sociologists from four major research institutions focused on one of the most curious aspects of the 2004 presidential election: the strength and resilience of the belief among many Americans that Saddam Hussein was linked to the terrorist attacks of 9/11. The study team employed a technique called “challenge interviews” on a sample of voters who reported believing in a link between Saddam Hussein and the events of 9/11.

The researchers presented the available evidence of the link, along with the evidence that there was no link, and then pushed respondents to justify their opinion on the matter. For all but one respondent, the overwhelming evidence that there was no link made no impact on their arguments in support of the link.

My Comment: We have to go though many challenges and experiences in life in order to relinquish our previous false beliefs to which we are so accustomed.  We also   must stop believing in or not believing in facts,  but accept them because they are facts, since belief plays no part!

In my dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah, I constantly face this problem of non-recognition. This is because it is uncomfortable for people to break stereotypes since acceptance of facts obligates people to action.

Therefore the breaking of life’s patterns is awaiting us and will give us the strength to rise above laziness and stereotypes and accept facts without believing in them, meaning not adjusting them to fit into our old belief patterns.

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We Must Rise To A Higher Level In Order To Know Ourselves

Laitman_2009-08_2577A question I received: When can a person begin to consciously realize that his desires are corrected?

My Answer: When a person is on a certain level, he has no sensation of it.  The current level on which someone exists cannot be studied until they rise to a higher level.

Prior to crossing the Machsom, all states are known as concealment and are considered only one level. When we are at this level, we see that we cannot orient ourselves, do or understand anything, and without question, we cannot evaluate or measure where we are.

Even after having crossed into the sensation of the next level, we cannot immediately orient ourselves, since we are entering the states of an “embryo” (ibur), followed by the states of “breastfeeding” (enika), and the “transition to adulthood” (mochin).

Only in retrospect can we evaluate, examine and understand relative to our previous states, but not to our current one. One can never evaluate their current state. When we desire to evaluate our current state, we must always perform this task according to “from the higher to study the lower.”

We must rise to a higher level, which we, the creation, perceive as the Creator, and from there, study ourselves as to the what, the where and the how.

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