Zambian President Chiluba Gains Upper Hand By Siding With Israel

zambiaIn the News: (from The Post):Days are numbered for young politicians calling Rupiah names, warns Chiluba” Addressing church leaders during an interdenominational service at Living Water Global Ministries on Sunday afternoon in Kitwe, [former president] Chiluba has said Zambia needs to strengthen its ties with Israel for it to prosper.

Chiluba asked for God’s forgiveness for having been part of a Zambian delegation to the United Nations in 1973, which voted for the isolation of Israel and that from then on Zambia began experiencing problems to the extent of having food shortages. He said Zambia started to prosper after restoring ties with Israel when he assumed office in 1991.

My Comment: Chiluba is actually right, but is there anyone who will listen to him? Israel’s entire mission (which Chiluba has no idea about) is to pass the science of Kabbalah on to the world, which is the method of revealing the Creator to humankind. Because of this, those who help Israel will eventually win, and those who harm it will eventually lose.

The issue here is not God’s choice of the people, but God’s choice of their mission.

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