The Only Thing We Need Is The Light To Influence Our Point In The Heart

closerWhen the point in the heart emerges in a person, he can continue developing further by means of the Light’s influence, since the Light brings forth the quality of bestowal in him. I live the life of my body, and there is only one point inside me that’s willing to unite with the spiritual world, with the spiritual Light. My task is to create a connection between the Light and this point.

Only the Light is able to penetrate inside my egoistic desire (heart) and touch the point in the heart. This is why I have to direct all my efforts at attracting the Light to this point. I don’t yet understand exactly how It works; this is something I will figure out later. For now, my advancement happens by me attracting the Light to my point.

The Creator created the evil inclination, egoism, my heart, and inside it – the point in the heart. It was for the sake of this point that the force of correction, the Light, was prepared. So act in such a way that the Light will work on you. Everything else is not important even one bit.

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