Those “Fixing” The Crisis Are Like Poker Players Who Just Can’t Stop

comfortPeople are currently trying to fix the economic crisis, and they’ll continue to play this game until everything tumbles down completely. They are like poker players who have lost everything, but can’t tear themselves away from the table. It is all a complete lie and a bluff, but people cannot tear away from it because they don’t know where to run or what to do.

Kabbalah is being revealed to humanity particularly in this state, because it is the only means to reveal the cause of the crisis. Suffering will not enable us to see the cause because suffering is perceived on the still, vegetative, and animate levels. Meanwhile, the crisis is taking place on the human level: it is the revelation of the breaking of the common soul. The suffering will bring people to the science of Kabbalah, which will reveal the cause of the breaking, and people will then realize that they have to correct their attitude to others. There is nothing else to correct but this.

All the causes are in the spiritual world, and our world is merely a consequence. Because we want to correct the consequences, the Creator sends us more and more disappointment. Everyone knows that all our attempts to unite and to achieve peace are always followed by an outburst of terrible hatred.

Even if the G20 gets together now and signs an agreement to create a single world government, a common bank, a pension for everyone, equal and fair distribution, then an epidemic or some other calamity will still hit us because we do not wish to correct the point in the system that was damaged: the connection between us.

The simple solution is to reach the state of “love your neighbor as yourself,” and Kabbalah gives us a piece of advice on how to achieve this: “I created egoism and I created the Torah (the Light) that corrects it.”

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The Spiritual Revolution Is Unlike Any Other

the2520creator2520will2520become2520revealed2520insideA question I received: No new system is established in its pure form. In one way or another, it always makes a compromise with the former system, from which it develops. There is simply no other way. Do you agree?

My Answer: Yes and no. We are talking about a completely new level, qualitatively speaking, and therefore it will not develop in the traditional way – egoistically, from smaller to greater. We are talking about a qualitative revolution, which is changing from an attitude of consumption to an attitude of bestowal. People will begin to feel the world by coming out of themselves. They will feel the world beyond themselves. This model is inverse to anything that came before, because it is not built by development on the past.

People will continue to live in the world, along with all of their experiences and culture. However, when people begin to perceive and feel the inner, hidden connections in the world and the inner forms – the forces and souls, then the world will become transparent. The objects and actions of this world will then be seen as inanimate consequences of the Upper Forces, and the Upper Forces, a deeper layer of the world, will be clearly revealed to everyone.

Our current state of crisis is pushing us towards the need to attain this hidden reality, which contains the forces and actions controlling our world. Essentially, the present crisis is but a preparation, making us more able and willing to perceive something cardinally new, due to there not being any other choice.

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson, 09.03.2009

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The Deepest Point Of Our Being: The “I”

pleasureEvery person has a point that was created “out of nothing” by the Creator. This point is what makes a person feel individual and unique. Our entire life is a battle for this “I,” for independence and uniqueness – Midat Yehud.

A person is driven by a desire to prove himself, to feel that he exists. All the pleasure and fulfillment he feels is secondary. The most central point is to ensure that this “I” exists.

This “I” is something a person can never give away. He can give up anything else, even his life, but not his “I,” because this point is above him, and it emerged before he even gained consciousness. This is why a person has to tread such a difficult path: to renounce his previously egoistic “I” and obtain a different “I,” one that is similar to the Creator.

The Creator helps a person to change the foundation on which his “I” stands. Rather than being nourished by pleasure, one receives the energy of bestowal and rises above his egoistic “I” to his true “I.” This is how he gains true independence and the sensation of an eternal “I.” And when he returns to the point created “out of nothing,” he reaches the state of rest and perfection.

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The School Of Desires Teaches Us How To Build The Spiritual World Inside Us (Advanced)

priestInstead of examining our desires from within, we should examine them from above, “under a microscope,” and as quickly as possible. Our objective is correction, and only this “school of desires” will enable us to reach it, or to work for the sake of bestowal.

The entire spiritual world is something we build inside us, by using our desires. We stack them up into a “hill” and then rise on top of it. And we repeat this process again and again. The hill grows, and we grow together with it, becoming more and more giving.

The result is that each of us erects Mount Sinai – the mountain of hatred (in Hebrew, Sina means hatred), in order to rise to its peak and build a king’s castle there, the Creator’s palace. We create all this out of our own, broken, egoistic desires, which are revealed inside us one after another. It is precisely by correcting these desires, and inside them, that a person reveals the reality of the Creator. Or in other words, one builds his work “for the sake of bestowal” from these desires.

Therefore, all the spiritual worlds and degrees are inside us. Everything becomes revealed inside our desires that we correct. This is because the Creator created just one common desire, and we reveal the Creator inside the forms of this desire.

The 125 spiritual degrees are not something outside of us. Their potential is instilled in our Reshimot, and each one of us must personally develop his desires from these Reshimot, work with them, and change the way he uses them. This is how one builds the spiritual world from them.

I was given a desire (matter) and Reshimot (forms). Now I must attract the Upper Light upon myself and thus connect these two components with each other. This way, I unite the Lights, the sparks, and the Kelim (in Hebrew this is called ANAHOrot, Netzutzim, Kelim). They will then form my soul, and inside it I will feel the spiritual reality. Right now I also perceive the reality inside the soul, but only in its lowest layer, called the “material world.” In order to truly reveal the soul, we must attain the Creator.

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