The Deepest Point Of Our Being: The “I”

pleasureEvery person has a point that was created “out of nothing” by the Creator. This point is what makes a person feel individual and unique. Our entire life is a battle for this “I,” for independence and uniqueness – Midat Yehud.

A person is driven by a desire to prove himself, to feel that he exists. All the pleasure and fulfillment he feels is secondary. The most central point is to ensure that this “I” exists.

This “I” is something a person can never give away. He can give up anything else, even his life, but not his “I,” because this point is above him, and it emerged before he even gained consciousness. This is why a person has to tread such a difficult path: to renounce his previously egoistic “I” and obtain a different “I,” one that is similar to the Creator.

The Creator helps a person to change the foundation on which his “I” stands. Rather than being nourished by pleasure, one receives the energy of bestowal and rises above his egoistic “I” to his true “I.” This is how he gains true independence and the sensation of an eternal “I.” And when he returns to the point created “out of nothing,” he reaches the state of rest and perfection.

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  1. A natural birth is with the head coming out first and so on…, what is the different with the feet first coming and what is the relation on the spiritual upper world ????

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