When You’re Ready, Kabbalah Will Be Waiting For You

dsc02617A question I received: I simply don’t understand what the meaning of life is. I understand that maybe you can think up a meaning yourself. I can also do this but I won’t believe it. For now, I don’t understand what I should strive for. I don’t know what I can do or what direction to take.

Yes, it is possible to change, to develop, to realize oneself, to become like the Creator…but, what for? How can one strive to become similar to someone who you do not know?

My Answer: If you don’t have this need, you can relax. This means that you are not yet ready for Kabbalah. When the need arises, you can come back to it! The study of Kabbalah is for those who ask about the meaning of life, have not been able to find the answer and who cannot exist without finding it!

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