Opening Your Eyes To The Interconnection Of Humanity

connectA question I received: What is universal ego, and how can one take care of seven billion people? What should I do for them and what should I feel while I’m doing it?

My Answer: We don’t have a better example than a family. Humanity is one family, but not the modern-day kind, where each member is ready to turn his back on the rest; rather, it is the traditional kind, where all are tied together with strong bonds. You watch out for all family members – their health, sustenance, well-being and success. If any member of the family is in dire straits, the whole family suffers. This is how we must take care of all seven billion people.

As a matter of fact, nothing could be easier. You only need to exit your egoistic desire, and then you will discover that there is no difference in relating to seven billion people, one person, the Creator or several friends. The difficult part is to free oneself of egoism. To achieve that, you need to witness how interconnected we are. Kabbalah helps “open your eyes” to this connection.

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