The Amazing Power Of Authentic Kabbalah Books

You Are Welcome to Help YourselfBy studying Kabbalah, a person begins to reveal that all of reality was organized by the Creator in order for the person to reveal all His actions, according to the rule: “The advantage of the Light comes from the darkness.”

We are thrown into a new state at every moment, and while in it, we have to demand the Light in order to gain a spiritual mind and understanding. The only thing we need is an aspiration toward the Light, above any situations that come our way. A person should think only about how to place himself beneath the influence of this invisible Light, and the Light will, in turn, bring forth a new picture of the world within him.

This should let us understand how important authentic Kabbalah books are. After all, without a book that was written by a true Kabbalist, we can never attract the Light of Correction. So, we have to be grateful to Kabbalists like Baal HaSulam, who left us their books. There is simply no other force which will influence us and allow us to attain spirituality when we study and want to attract the Light.

And the Kabbalistic source does not necessarily have to be a book. You can also study over the Internet at the Kabbalah Learning Centre or watch our TV channel, Kabbalah TV, because all of our study materials and lessons are based on the authentic sources, even if a person does not understand the language that is used. The most important thing is to be together and desire the Light of Correction. It doesn’t matter how much theory you know. What’s important is to strive to enter the material with your sensations.

If a person attracts the Upper Light in every situation he is in, through every thought and desire, then he corrects himself. This is what the speed and might of one’s correction depend on.

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