A Wonder Cure For The Soul

activity1No matter what we do, we always act for the sake of our egoism and we never go against it. It was in order to help us exit our egoism and enter the Upper World that we were given the Light of Correction. This Light influences us even when we strive for an egoistic goal, such as when we are afraid of ending our lives without achieving anything of greatness, when we desire to feel eternity and perfection, and to enter the eternal spiritual world.

A person sees that he gets nothing from his earthly life. It is short and empty, and nothing remains of it once it’s over. We, as humanity, had to go through thousands of years of egoistic development just in order to come to this realization. And the majority of people still don’t stop to think about this even today, being preoccupied by the mundane concerns of daily life.

For now, they are still not so concerned about the meaning of life, as they are about how to gain the most in life. Their inner desires haven’t yet ripened sufficiently to ask about the meaning of life.

But if the point in the heart awakens in a person, he begins being concerned about his life after death. And later on he comes to understand that he can attain the sensation of eternal life even while living in this world.

Thus, he begins to study Kabbalah books, even though his objectives are still egoistic: He wants to master the World of infinity, to feel, understand and control everything. But gradually, the Light inside these books changes him and instills new values in him. He learns how to lie to his own body and to force it to work for the spiritual goal. And eventually he comes to agree and accept the path that the Creator has set for him.

The Light then raises him above his ego and brings him to the quality of bestowal. He thereby acquires a new mind and an understanding of the entire system of reality; he reveals the Upper Worlds and the thought of creation.
(From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)

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