How To Piece Together A Shattered Vessel

what is mutual guarantee in a virtual groupWhat are the desires or the souls that were shattered? At one point, there was one screen that united us.  But then the Light came and revealed to everyone how we are all different. Although we all strive towards the Creator, each of us bestows in their own way.

It’s like a bunch of family members all trying to feed one baby. The mom gives him the porridge, the grandma wants to give him milk, while the grandpa insists that only bread will make the baby healthy. Each one wants to give something to the same baby, but in the process they all argue with each other.

The desires become shattered because the connection between them breaks, and due to this breakage, they also lose the chance to bestow to the Creator!

We have to understand exactly what is shattered.  Only then will we know what needs to be corrected. We will find that the only way to build a human being (the middle line) is by reuniting all the pieces of the soul which have lost their connection with each other and it will become clear that the only way to unite the pieces around them is centered around that very same baby that first connected them.

Imagine that the whole family starts hating each other.  The mother, father, grandmother, grandfather and everyone else all wish the baby “well” according to their own criteria, while denying the opinions of the others. So, what will bring us back together? Only the love toward the baby. Each one of us will then be willing to rise above his own egoism and lower his head for the baby’s sake.

This is why unity between us is possible only if we wish to reach the state of bestowal towards the Creator. We will then unite all together with Him into one whole.
(From Part 2 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, on “Preface to the Sulam Commentary”)

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