The Only Chance To Change Anything In Our World

chanceA question I received: When we learn how to bestow, will the mutual bestowal between our souls in the spiritual world influence our material world?

My Answer: Of course. Our current, uncorrected attitudes to one another awaken forces of envy and hatred in our world, which is why our world looks they way it does. If we attract the force of correction (the force of mercy) from Above, then positive forces will descend into our world, bringing us peace, unity, balance, safety and tranquility.

We cannot influence anything within the plane of this world. We see that no matter how much we try to do something in our world, nothing ends up right. People think that they can change something in their personal lives because they see that they advance there. But on the global scale, we see that no one is in control of the situation. The latest crises (including those in education, culture, family life, economy and finance, and the ecology) are making us realize that we are absolutely unable to withstand them.

All of this is purposeful, intended only in order to show us time and time again that we cannot correct anything within the plane of this world. Our world is but a result of the Upper Forces’ influence. That is why we have to ascend to the level of these forces and from there, change their influence on us here, in this world.

If we attract the Upper Light during our studies, when we connect with one another, then we will undoubtedly elicit very big improvements in our world. This is the only chance we have to affect our world.
(From Part 3 of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson)

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