The Spiritual World Is An Integral System (Advanced)

remindsWe live in an integral system, where any change is reflected in all the spiritual worlds, in all ten Sefirot. Therefore, any time I change anything inside me, this causes a change in every single person and even the entire universe. And each particular change in a person, in turn, causes new changes in everyone, and so it goes. This process comes to an end when the whole system reaches its final restful state. At that point the beginning and end unite into a single, unchanging, eternal state.

The spiritual world is not built on a piecemeal foundation; it is not made up of separate pieces. It is whole, complete and integral. And even though we treat each other and our surroundings in a “linear” fashion, in actuality we are speaking of an analogous, integral system that eventually “calms down” and becomes balanced out.

A person has to be an active part of this process until he comes to encompass this entire system, until he takes this entire system into him and it becomes his nature. This is why our task is not to gain an external understanding of the science of Kabbalah, but to make internal changes in accordance with the system we are studying. We need to completely absorb it within. Only then will everyone be incorporated in each other according to the principle of love of others. We will then attain full control over our eternal, complete, and integral existence.

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  1. So, if the Spiritual world is an integral system and the changes that are realized by a person effect the entire system and everyone, could I say to dream an impossible dream or better reality with nature and all systems of the global world is like a small ripple that spreads out and becomes larger.

    What is the difference between meditating on a better unified spiritual world and prayer?

    Thank you.

  2. Marie

    I dont think there is much of a difference between mediation or prayer except that in prayer you’re asking for something to happen

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