Our Desire Is The Button That Can Change The Channel Of Our Reality

ourPresently we’re looking at the picture of this world as though it were a television channel. We’ve grown accustomed to it and cannot even imagine the existence of another channel.

Suddenly a desire (point in the heart) to change the channel appears in us. Before this we could not even imagine that this was possible, and now we begin to learn how it can be done and how we can transition to the new channel.

I begin to realize that I can change the channel if I truly have the desire to do so, and that my desire is that very button that can change it. In other words, I need the understanding of what I am I am changing and my purpose for doing so.

To that end I am given the right books, a guide and an environment of others, who are also striving towards this new channel. After all, my desire is tiny, and the right environment can increase this desire in me, impart to me its desire to watch this new channel, and the strength to make the change.

In the new society towards which we are striving, everyone will talk about bestowal,  the global interconnected network where everyone works for the benefit of society and the collective desire to change over to the new channel. Gradually, I also become filled with this desire.

With this desire I come to the lesson and demand Light, which is  the force of that very new channel towards which I strive. This force will evoke new qualities and discernments within me, and when I am ready to perceive the channel correctly, it will switch on automatically.

I desire this new understanding and the ability to discern this new world. This is what the Light teaches me. Otherwise I will not be able to see anything there.  It is  just as a baby looks upon the same painting as an adult, but instead of admiring its beauty, the baby tries to stick it in his mouth, because that is how he perceives the world.

The moment I am ready, the new channel will be switched on automatically. But the old channel will not disappear.  The new channel will simply be added to the first, and I will see the old channel against the context of the new one. This is how both worlds combine within me to form one unified harmony. I will see how all the parts of reality are connected and see reality itself not as matter, but as forces that set matter in motion.

Mankind is bored to death with the old channel, which is why societies are plagued with drug use and depression. It can no longer watch the same old picture of the world on the television screen; it longs to change the channel.

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