Use The Light To Make Your Path Quick And Pleasant

bio1Informational genes (Reshimot) are changing in us at infinite speed as we speak. Yet, it seems to us that nothing is changing because there are just so many of them, and they all have to unravel in the form of a chain. However, while these inner changes cause external changes, like numbers changing on a meter, there are a billion actions that have to play out on the inside. So give them time to occur!

It is written, “Those who seek the Creator hasten time.” Our whole participation in creation comes down to hastening our development. After all, you are at the lowest level, in this world, but you have all the data you received while descending from above downward. You are now obliged to reascend by the same path from below upward.

The path remains the same; the only thing we can do is hasten our development. We will thereby make the path quick, desirable, and pleasant.

This constitutes the whole difference between the path of suffering, where we advance against our will, and the path of Light, where we do it by our own desire. The path of suffering is lengthy and happens through the influence of the forces of nature, which is pushing us ahead with beatings. We are pushed along like mules, standing in one spot and refusing to move. This is the natural path of development.

The second path is when you desire to advance on your own and you look for ways to do it. You thus shorten your path, making it quick and pleasant.
(From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson on Shamati #13)

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