Diamonds Are Becoming Outdated

profitA question I received: What does it mean that everything a person does should be done for the sake of others? Say, for instance, I have a business. In this context, what does it mean to “align my actions with others”?

My Answer: Any person, including a businessman, must first reveal the evil in the world. One must become certain of the fact that the only evil in the world is the faulty relationships between people. Then, all we have to do is simply change our relationships from hate to love.

The crisis is not happening because of some financial or economic program that failed. Rather, the most fundamental cause of the crisis is the relationships between people, which, as we are now starting to see, are destroying the world. This is why people have to sit down and study. There is no other way to change anything. And the current crisis is leading us to realize this.

In addition, we must understand that a business such as DeBeers, for instance, which is the global leader in diamond production, will not be rescued from collapse if it decides to offer us 10% of their profits as Maaser and to implement some private corporate changes. There are many businesses in the world which are completely superfluous, and they will stop functioning altogether because humanity will only need the things necessary for existence. People will need only quality products that are healthy and will satisfy their essential needs.

This new program which is being revealed more and more with each passing day is what controls humanity, and it will not allow anyone to accumulate capital above and beyond what is necessary for a person to lead a decent, correct, healthy and safe life.

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  1. Faulty relationships are destroying the world. Could not be more concise.

    Thank you for all you do to help

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