How To Aim At A Worthy Spiritual Target (Advanced)

worthyThe aim of the spiritual quest is to always strive in the direction of your target, never remaining in one place, captive to your desires. A person advances when his mind and heart are focused on the future, desired state.

When you do this, you don’t delude yourself, but advance forward. It’s okay if you haven’t reached the goal yet. What matters is that you don’t weigh yourself down with your current desires and qualities, which cling to your feet trying to stop you. However, you are also not “up in the clouds,” living an illusion of the spiritual world. No one experiences the spiritual world until it becomes their actual reality. This is the correct aim.

Each moment is an opportunity to make an effort toward the target – bestowal. With every step you take, you should feel as though you’re reaching the goal. This way, the work itself becomes your reward. Every time you have an obstacle on your path, you rise above it and enjoy the fact that you are building the form of bestowal above reason. The picture of the spiritual world is made up of your desires; it is formed by the force of bestowal using the contours of your soul.

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