Kabbalah Corrects Only Your Soul, Not Your Externality

higherA question I received: Do my behavior, actions and attitude to people influence my spiritual development?

My Answer: A person who studies Kabbalah has to behave in whatever way is generally accepted in his society. Don’t try to play games or do anything unnatural, and do not tell your coworkers that you study Kabbalah. If you participate in dissemination, do so in social circles external to your own. The reason for all of this is so others won’t influence you negatively later on.

All the corrections that you can possibly make are not done by you, but by the Surrounding Light that returns one to the Source. This Light influences and mends the only thing that is broken – the soul. By correcting the soul, the Light restores all of its parts.

When looking at Kabbalists who perceive the Upper World, the Upper Dimension, or the Creator, you wouldn’t notice anything special about them, externally. Or vice-versa: how would you try to find a Kabbalist according to his behavior? There are plenty of people who volunteer in hospitals and protect the environment and wildlife – but you won’t find one Kabbalist among them! You also won’t find Kabbalists among those who meditate on mountaintops or practice all sorts of Eastern techniques.

You can only correct that which is broken, and the only thing that is broken is your soul. Your soul is incorporated in all the other souls, and therefore, by incorporating yourself into them correctly, you will be able to correct everything. Anything we do in this world, aside from the things that are necessary for existence, brings no benefit to us and only causes us harm. Therefore, you should only concern yourself with the correction of your soul.

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