Kabbalah—The Gift Of Connection With The Upper Force

laitman_284.05The uniqueness of our time is in the fact that the wisdom of Kabbalah is beginning to be a part of the life of  general society; it is beginning to show itself as a special path toward the common correction of humanity. Therefore, it has something to say about the world, and it intervenes in different areas of our lives. These are not times when a person reads a Kabbalistic book without connecting his studies with this world. It had nothing to do with politics, economics, history, geography, ecology, or the society in which one lived.

Kabbalah was a special wisdom, not related to this world, but seemingly speaking about angels in heaven, that is, about the upper forces, with the help of which a person could develop new sensory organs and attain the Creator and the upper worlds personally without connecting with anyone else. Kabbalists studied in secret, without leaving their corner. The wisdom was hidden, and a person hid himself and his studies.

This continued for thousands of years until the time of the Ari when the revelation of Kabbalah began, but still in a very slow and modest way. Although there were Kabbalists such as Baal Shem Tov, who began mass education of Kabbalah and opened many learning centers. This movement later received the name “Hassidism” and began to spread among the people of Israel.

However, in our time, the wisdom of Kabbalah already goes beyond the people of Israel and begins to spread widely throughout the world. The fact is that the development of the world has reached a point after which only the wisdom of Kabbalah can explain what is happening. The integrated world requires general connection and the transformation of humanity into a single nation.

The crisis, which we feel everywhere around the world, indicates that the problem is not in ecology, economy, or technology, but in humanity itself. These problems indicate that there is no unity between us like in all the other parts of nature. Through our connection we will cause unity in nature; therefore, nature calls us to correct ourselves and thus correct the separation between the forces of nature at all its levels in order to bring it to balance and harmony.

Only the wisdom of Kabbalah is capable of this. Only it can explain that the world is a single closed system, and give humanity a method of connecting with the upper force.

It is difficult for a person to accept this method because of its novelty. There are no previous analogues; it is not confirmed by history. Never before have we spoke about the fact that by connecting people it is possible to influence nature, its forces, the crisis, the climate. Yet, it is necessary to listen to what the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches, otherwise nature will convince us by force, revealing an increasing imbalance in itself. This will be the path of suffering, not the path of light.

We are in a historic period that obliges us to mutual guarantee, to connection, and to love our neighbor as ourselves as the fundamental law of all nature and of all worlds. Our egoism rejects connection, and so every day we must again bring ourselves to it, in new conditions, overcoming the resistance of the increased egoistic desire and the mind that is unable to think in the direction of bestowal. We must artificially return again and again to the discovery of new laws of nature.

Crisis grips us every day more and more, locking humanity as if in a cage on a small planet and leaving us no freedom of choice other than to think about our common destiny in which we all depend on each other. Every day this dependence grows on decisions made elsewhere, between all countries and all nations.

The world is becoming smaller and tighter. Therefore, our influence on each other is increasing. With such rigid dependence, the best thing is good cooperation, mutual guarantee. Every day we should aim our direction to the purpose of creation, make it the purpose of our life, and try to attract as many people as possible to it who understand this connection is necessary, and our nature is opposite to it.

In fact, our nature, by its resistance to connection, helps us rise more purposefully to it. Egoism is help against itself, which helps us realize our condition because we are much more sensitive to forces of separation than to the forces of connection. Therefore, it is necessary to strive for the method of correction to be renewed every day in each of us and all of us together.1
From 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/13/19, “The Conditions for Raising Oneself Above One’s Circle”
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