The Main Function Of The People Of Israel

Laitman_036Question: What is the main function of Israel (the people of Israel)?

Answer: The function of Israel is to achieve such a connection that unites them together and then through this unity to pass the higher energy, the upper force, which unites and binds everything, to all nations of the world and to the rest of the layers of nature: animate, vegetative, and still.

Question: If Israel, as a center of connection, does not fulfill its function, then the system itself, in which the nations of the world and the people of Israel are located, forces the function of the nations of the world to affect Israel negatively, pushing it forward. Is that how it manifests in our world?

Answer: Yes. It happens automatically. To the extent that Israel transmits positive energy to them through the system of the souls and worlds that is in a certain state of development, but does not do this, to the same extent the negative reaction arises from them, a request: “Where is what we should receive now?”

Question: Does all this happen unconsciously?

Answer: Half-consciously. People do not know why aversion and specific demands appear in them toward Israel. But these demands appear: “You, Israel, are the source of all problems in the world!”

And actually, it is so. “You must do so that everything will be good in the world. We all depend on you! And you are not fulfilling your function!”
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/28/19

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The Center Of The Ten Is The Spiritual Vessel

laitman_962.5I do not have to erase my feelings as if they do not exist. If I make myself an absolute zero in order not to think about myself at all, then I destroy the entire depth of desire. I need, on the contrary, to rise above my egoism. Otherwise, it turns out that I am zero, and then the Creator is a little more than zero and nothing more.1

It is insufficient to simply decide that there is no one else besides the Creator. It takes a special force of faith in order to rise above myself a little. Otherwise, I can say as much as I want that there is no one else besides the upper force, but it will not help me. I nevertheless will attribute everything to myself or to others.

Therefore, we make efforts to connect with each other in the center of the ten, in the point where each one annuls himself toward others, toward connection, and toward the Creator. Thus, we gradually attract the reforming light that performs this action on us.2

Each of us says beautiful and correct words, but we do not connect our inclinations to the Creator, and therefore, we cannot offer Him our common desire (Kli), giving Him an opportunity to reveal Himself and to enjoy us. Our desires do not connect, and therefore, they cannot reveal the Creator. Individually, everything is correct, but there is not enough connection.

Ten people sit together and each one talks from the heart, but we are not connected with each other. The problem is that we do not connect our aspiration to the Creator and our connection with each other, we do not see that they are one and the same. The correct connection between us is the connection with the Creator.

We should try to get closer to a friend sensorily and inside this connection imagine the Creator, the quality of bestowal and love that I want to discover between me and the friend. So far, on the contrary, there is a barrier between us: the shattering instead of connection, hatred instead of love.

We have to connect all this together: adhesion with the Creator, revelation that there is no one else besides Him, and connection between friends and faith above reason. It all connects in the adhesion between us and the Creator.

By each of our actions in thought and desire, we must attract, invite the Creator to control us, try to feel and discover His governance. We should plan our thoughts and actions so that they will be aimed at the revelation of the governance of the Creator over everything that is happening. Such an action is called a commandment.

Our aspiration to the center of the ten is directed exactly so that through our common efforts we would make the Creator rule over us.3

Gradually, we will begin to reveal that there is such a concept inside the ten. Previously we did not think about nor want to reveal it, but now we see how important it is, that this is the center, the main goal of our work. The center of the ten is the Temple, the spiritual vessel. Each one individually is not a Kli, rather only all of us together, correctly connected and directed at bestowal to the Creator. To the extent that we yearn to reach this center, we will start feeling how the Creator is managing us from it.4

Yearning for the center of the ten, we address our corrected state that already exists ahead of us, the good future that stands before us. To the extent that we make efforts to imagine it as good and as correct as possible, and yearn to reach this connection in love and mutual help, we enter into the next frame, into the future picture. This is how we advance step by step, degree after degree.

We try to imagine the correct state and ask the Creator to correct our direction. The Creator is our main helper. The entire path is already paved up to the very end of correction, but we need to pass it in order to feel how much we need the Creator. All these stages are only the means, the reason to turn to Him. By joining Him to our advancement, we correctly realize the correction.

Therefore, the main goal is not the future state in itself, but the connection with the Creator that is required in order to reach it. The state itself is just a reason, after all, I don’t need this state but the Creator.5
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/22/19, “The Center of The Ten”

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“Why Don’t Israelis Living In Israel Feel Anti-Semitism?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Why don’t Israelis living in Israel feel anti-Semitism?

We Jews are people with an augmented ego, which lessens our feeling of others, and increases our feeling of ourselves.

Where does this augmented ego come from?

It comes from us Jews having once experienced heightened states of unity, starting from Abraham’s diverse group of Babylonians who discovered the law of nature together (“love your neighbor as yourself”), which granted us the name, “Israel” (“Yashar Kel,” i.e., “directed at the single force of love and bestowal dwelling in nature”), and having since fallen from that sublime unification into deeper layers of the ego than other nations.

Therefore, feeding the ego with the enjoyments it demands becomes our primary concern, just like anyone else, but with a naturally more intensive self-aimed direction than others, lessening our sensitivity toward others in the same vein.

It’s important to understand that we’re discussing a natural phenomenon, describing the natural characteristics of a certain people—a quality that emerged specifically due to our ancestors having once experienced heightened states of unity, harmonized with nature—and since we were in higher states of love and giving due to our connection based on an idea of unification, we have since lost consciousness of that unity, and have now sunk into deeper depths of the ego.

Another way to describe this augmented ego is that we once felt greater pleasures than this entire world has to offer, spiritual pleasures, and since we detached from spirituality, we now seek heightened pleasures, but locked off from spirituality, in our corporeal desires for food, sex, family, money, honor, control and knowledge.

Therefore, after years of being dispersed among other nations, we feel ourselves today in the State of Israel as in our own fortress. We feel as if we’ve returned home, secured ourselves with a strong army, and we hope it remains calm enough as it is now, and don’t want to hear about anything else.

It’s a problem, because with such an attitude, we simply put shields up around ourselves as best as we can, and ultimately wait to be attacked in order to start uniting against any threats to our illusory calm.

By doing so, we fail to acknowledge that there are certain laws of nature acting, which have their own demands: that human society starts taking active steps toward uniting—positively realizing the interconnected and interdependent form of nature itself—and we Jews hold the key to a new positive direction to such unity, since we have attained unity before in history, amid times of social division similar to today.

As Israelis living in Israel don’t feel anti-Semitism, Jews abroad also don’t see the many signs pointing toward another Holocaust.

Continuing along the same lines we are currently treading on won’t help. Today, we can see clear historic patterns showing how we’re on another path to widespread tragedy.

It is all up to how much we Jews will want to open our eyes to see that a transition to a harmonious future, or an ongoing decline into a cataclysm, rests in our hands. Until we will wake up to what makes us Jews—our unity (“love your neighbor as yourself”) above division (“love will cover all transgressions”), in order to be a conduit for unity to spread worldwide (“light unto the nations”)—no positive shift will take place.

Just as the greatest Kabbalist of the 20th Century, Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam), called out to the Jews in Warsaw in the 1930s to leave Poland, because he foresaw the carnage that was coming, and they refused to listen to his advice, thinking that everything would turn out alright (they ended up in the Holocaust), and moreover, they forced him out of Poland… so it is today.

However, the difference between the rising anti-Semitic sentiment of the 1930s and the modern world is that today’s anti-Semitism is global. Today, even countries with basically no Jews have strong anti-Semitic tendencies, like North and South Korea.

Thus, it all depends on how much the final solution to anti-Semitism awakens in human consciousness: where we Jews will understand the deep-rooted cause of anti-Semitism, and start adjusting ourselves to more unification among each other. A little awakening of our duty to unite, and we would already see the start of a major positive shift in human consciousness.

“How To Reach Fulfillment That Money Can’t Buy” (KabNet)

KabNet published my new article: “How to Reach Fulfillment That Money Can’t Buy

The last couple of weeks, everybody has been talking about Black Friday, but I wasn’t moved to shop. Retailers reported record sales, the largest in US history, on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which reached a combined $16.8 billion this year.

American consumerism has also influenced the world, but I was done with the madness to acquire endless amounts of stuff 20 years ago, after a first-hand experience of society’s powerful influence over a person to purchase items.

It happened in Las Vegas. I was standing at the entrance to a posh hotel. In front of me tourists rushed into the main hall where new stereo systems were on sale for $99, an unprecedented occurrence back then.

“We are currently undergoing a major transitional process. In this process, we feel the failure of trying to fulfill ourselves with material goods and travels.”

I didn’t need a stereo, and I was sure that I wouldn’t use it. But as I looked around and saw striking red letters flickering the word “Sale!” on enormous signs, and the announcer calling incessantly that it was a $200 saving, I momentarily lost my self-control, and found myself waving a $100 bill. This was all while dozens of tourists around me converged on the packages of stereo systems, as if they were canned foods being advertised before a war.

Black Friday, or Cyber Monday, or any major sales event points to a deeper phenomenon than just buying cheaper goods: society’s influence over a person.

How Social Influence Can Awaken a Person Who Is Not a Regular Consumer to Enjoy Seeking and Buying Items on Sale

The satisfaction of buying awakens the sensation of renewal and happiness which justifies every cent. We buy the feeling of confidence. It breaks our feeling of loneliness and emptiness.

In retrospect, when the monthly statement arrives, we quickly realize that most of our purchases arose not from real needs, but from competitive social needs that were “floating in the air,” so to speak, overwhelming us in a momentary fervor. In fact, if it were not for the social pressure, our desire for buying would decrease.

However, there is no problem with shopping. It is great to see people enjoying a collective activity, because by doing so they learn how their participation gives them a sense of enjoyment and empowerment. However, beyond materialistic cravings, if we dig into a deeper layer, the shopping holidays express signs of communication among people: the tendency for connection latent in every person. This tendency awakens when there is an opportunity to execute a collective activity that we can enjoy from.

In a matter of days or weeks, most of the items would be returned, stored or thrown out, as the data shows, but the challenge of the joint effort remained engraved in people’s memory.

Therefore, we can hope that various shopping-focused days will leave an impression on us, through which we will recognize the need to strengthen our connections. We will then be able to say that we have harnessed the culture of consumption to the service of the people, and not vice versa.

The Endless Quest For Pleasures

Human nature is a desire to receive pleasure. It drives us to constantly seek sources of pleasure, and it leads us to a trap: as soon as the desire is fulfilled, a bigger desire surfaces, and once again, emptiness and lack dominates our lives.

In the past, people found pleasure not only in the act of shopping, but in the very process of yearning for and acquiring things. In travel, too, regardless of the places visited, the simple tasting of different places was exciting.

The difficulty we went through to experience certain pleasures made us value them more. In the modern era, however, the world can be accessed instantly through our smartphones. Therefore, the accumulation of material possessions becomes less attractive when the anticipation toward the purchase is cut down into an impulsive instant.

The Source of True and Lasting Fulfillment

We are currently undergoing a major transitional process. In this process, we feel the failure of trying to fulfill ourselves with material goods and travels.

The more abundant our world becomes with gadgets and products, the emptier, lonelier, more depressed, anxious and stressed we become. We experience more and more negative sensations today because we see the purposelessness, meaninglessness and emptiness of our accomplishments.

Myriad problems in human society will play their role to raise awareness of why we fail to achieve an authentic and lasting form of satisfaction. Eventually, we will realize that the solution is in a fundamental shift of our values: from competitive, individualistic and egoistic values to cooperative, connected and altruistic ones.

When the desire to enjoy is redirected, when we stop aiming to fulfill ourselves individually, and start aiming to fulfill others, although we see no direct benefit in fulfilling others, it is the key to never-ending happiness.

Kabbalists discovered that behind what we envision as pleasure, there is a source of happiness, an opposite desire to our own nature, which is a quality of giving, love and connection. When we try to emulate this quality, by trying to give, love and positively connect with others, then it operates on us, gradually changing us, balancing us more and more with the original nature of giving, love and connection.

Moreover, the more we balance ourselves with others, the happier we become. Such happiness is no passing fad.

It is boundless and eternal.

Family And Marriage, Part 12

laitman_222Spouses Are the Closest Companions

Question: Are descents and ascents revelations of the Creator?

Answer: Certainly. I cannot desire to reveal the Creator from good states, only if I feel bad. Any person who is engaged in spiritual exaltation will not rush forward unless he or she is, so to speak, shaken and disturbed. A person acts only under the influence of two forces.

Therefore, it is very important in the family that there are two spouses. Spouses are the closest companions who can help and complement each other, hint to each other, take responsibilities from one another. Therefore, it is said that they are as one body.

Question: Didn’t you say before that a husband can reveal his most secret attainment to his wife?

Answer: There is no problem in sharing everything with your wife, depending on your connections, but not to the friends in the group.

Question: What would you recommend if one of the spouses is engaged in Kabbalah and the other is not?

Answer: If your family does not follow the same path, do not engage them in your problems. Go through all your states calmly so that they do not feel them. Give them the opportunity to live comfortably. You will have your own spiritual life; with them you will communicate formally.

Question: So we should not pressure a spouse who does not want to engage in Kabbalah?

Answer: Not at all. There is no coercion in spirituality.
From Kab TV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/1/19

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New Life 1172 – Coping With Negative Feelings

New Life 1172 – Coping With Negative Feelings
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The cure for depression is joy in discovering the reason for everything that happens to us, the source of all life. Negative emotions overwhelm us because of the egoistic nature to enjoy that led us to the construction of a hostile and evil world. Today, no one is satisfied and negative feelings are intensifying. The negative emotions awaken in us so that we will change by building a good environment in which we will feel and fulfill what is good for others. The system of nature gives us negative feelings so that we can balance them with positive relationships. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to create relationships that accord to the system of nature.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1172 – Coping With Negative Feelings,” 10/29/19

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 12/6/19

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “The Conditions for Raising Oneself Above One’s Circle”

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)” 

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