The Center Of The Ten Is The Spiritual Vessel

laitman_962.5I do not have to erase my feelings as if they do not exist. If I make myself an absolute zero in order not to think about myself at all, then I destroy the entire depth of desire. I need, on the contrary, to rise above my egoism. Otherwise, it turns out that I am zero, and then the Creator is a little more than zero and nothing more.1

It is insufficient to simply decide that there is no one else besides the Creator. It takes a special force of faith in order to rise above myself a little. Otherwise, I can say as much as I want that there is no one else besides the upper force, but it will not help me. I nevertheless will attribute everything to myself or to others.

Therefore, we make efforts to connect with each other in the center of the ten, in the point where each one annuls himself toward others, toward connection, and toward the Creator. Thus, we gradually attract the reforming light that performs this action on us.2

Each of us says beautiful and correct words, but we do not connect our inclinations to the Creator, and therefore, we cannot offer Him our common desire (Kli), giving Him an opportunity to reveal Himself and to enjoy us. Our desires do not connect, and therefore, they cannot reveal the Creator. Individually, everything is correct, but there is not enough connection.

Ten people sit together and each one talks from the heart, but we are not connected with each other. The problem is that we do not connect our aspiration to the Creator and our connection with each other, we do not see that they are one and the same. The correct connection between us is the connection with the Creator.

We should try to get closer to a friend sensorily and inside this connection imagine the Creator, the quality of bestowal and love that I want to discover between me and the friend. So far, on the contrary, there is a barrier between us: the shattering instead of connection, hatred instead of love.

We have to connect all this together: adhesion with the Creator, revelation that there is no one else besides Him, and connection between friends and faith above reason. It all connects in the adhesion between us and the Creator.

By each of our actions in thought and desire, we must attract, invite the Creator to control us, try to feel and discover His governance. We should plan our thoughts and actions so that they will be aimed at the revelation of the governance of the Creator over everything that is happening. Such an action is called a commandment.

Our aspiration to the center of the ten is directed exactly so that through our common efforts we would make the Creator rule over us.3

Gradually, we will begin to reveal that there is such a concept inside the ten. Previously we did not think about nor want to reveal it, but now we see how important it is, that this is the center, the main goal of our work. The center of the ten is the Temple, the spiritual vessel. Each one individually is not a Kli, rather only all of us together, correctly connected and directed at bestowal to the Creator. To the extent that we yearn to reach this center, we will start feeling how the Creator is managing us from it.4

Yearning for the center of the ten, we address our corrected state that already exists ahead of us, the good future that stands before us. To the extent that we make efforts to imagine it as good and as correct as possible, and yearn to reach this connection in love and mutual help, we enter into the next frame, into the future picture. This is how we advance step by step, degree after degree.

We try to imagine the correct state and ask the Creator to correct our direction. The Creator is our main helper. The entire path is already paved up to the very end of correction, but we need to pass it in order to feel how much we need the Creator. All these stages are only the means, the reason to turn to Him. By joining Him to our advancement, we correctly realize the correction.

Therefore, the main goal is not the future state in itself, but the connection with the Creator that is required in order to reach it. The state itself is just a reason, after all, I don’t need this state but the Creator.5
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/22/19, “The Center of The Ten”

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