See Through The Ten

Elaitman_962.6verything is not so difficult: you need to join the structure called the ten. By entering it correctly, I prepare myself for meeting the Creator. I look into the ten as if through a magnifying glass, focusing it on the Creator, and begin to see and discern Him.

This is a simple system: me – the ten – the Creator. If I want to reveal Him more, then I need a larger device called the ten, that is, including an increasing number of details involved in focusing and directing toward one heart. The Creator will then reveal Himself more.

This goes on and on until all the circles, all the participants gather into one common Kli of the whole of humanity. Accordingly, the Creator will be fully revealed to those who nullified themselves before the ten, before the HaVaYaH, built by Him from all the inhabitants of this world.

Therefore, it is written: “As though you have made Me.” The Creator does not exist by Himself but only as the correct total result of all the participants in His revelation. This device is at our disposal and we are obliged to use it without being distracted by any other work. Everything that happens must be invested in the creation of this instrument, the ten, in order to reveal the Creator through it.1

By working on our connection, we achieve love for our neighbor as we love ourselves. And through it, one can already attain love for the Creator, focusing all of one’s desires and aspirations through the group on the Creator. This is how we connect all of creation together, which is concentrated in the group and attains adhesion with the Creator. Therefore, first, it is necessary to achieve love for one’s neighbor, and only then will we be able to say: “Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one,” according to the rule: “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are one,” that is, a person, the group, and the Creator.

We make an instrument for the revelation of the Creator from the group. It is similar to binoculars, where we need to adjust the sharpness in order to see the desired goal. All our lines of sight should focus at one point so that we look directly at the Creator.

If we do not initially aim at the Creator, then we have nothing to focus on. As long as the group is out of focus, then I do not see the Creator called “come and see” (Bo-Re) behind it. In order to “come” and “see” Him, I need to keep everything together: myself, the Creator, and the group focused on Him.

It is impossible to create the focus in the group if I do not imagine the Creator behind it. Otherwise, I have nothing to focus on, that is, the Creator should be first. But how can it be possible to focus on the Creator without a group? Where will I adjust the lens? I am the one who twists the lens, inducing sharpness.2

In order to focus the group, I must imagine the Creator, that is, the ideal properties of bestowal and love. Then, I try to see the group as an instrument, a magnifying glass, binoculars, with which I direct sharpness on these qualities, focusing all our aspirations on them. Although we have different desires, we concentrate them on one goal, uniting them into one desire and essence.

We do not focus on any distant object, but we imagine the Creator being revealed within us: “come and see.” We focus not on the Creator Himself, but on our Kelim where the Creator will be revealed. All this work is aimed at achieving the right connection of our desires (Kelim) in the group.

If it seems to us that there is no success, then it means the opposite. We become closer and move closer to the Creator, and therefore, we reveal our own defocusing within ourselves with ever higher resolution. We must ask the Creator to help us unite, to reveal the ever-growing similarity of our intentions despite the ever-increasing differences in desires.3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/30/19, The Ten is One Whole HaVaYaH
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