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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

As long as egoism rules the nations, the nation of Israel will also be unable to come out of egoism into actions of bestowal. Hence, after returning to our land, we won’t receive the force of bestowal and love from above.
We will receive it only if our correction will be for the sake of the world’s correction.
(Baal HaSulam, “The Peace”)

The nations of the world should know about the order of the world’s correction so that with their pressure, they will compel Israel to fulfill its mission. Otherwise the nation of Israel won’t be able to accomplish it first. It is hence necessary to disseminate Kabbalah, the method of correction, to all the nations.
(Baal HaSulam, “Messiah’s Horn”)

Only when the citizens of Israel are filled by the upper knowledge of the Creator and qualities of bestowal, these sources will pour out through them, filling all the nations of the world.
(Baal HaSulam, Preface to the Book “Shining Face”)

I said it to the state’s leaders, but no one heeded warnings about the world’s collapse. Today, however, many already agree that the end of the world is possible and Israel will be the first to suffer. We are hence obliged to awaken the world to correction as the only salvation.
(Baal HaSulam, “The Last Generation”)

Baal Shem Tov: I asked the Messiah, when will he come? And I received a reply: when my teaching spreads outward. Just as you studied and attained, so everyone can attain. Then egoism will disappear and full correction will set in.

Baal HaSulam: We have to disclose to the nations of the world that which they expect from us. Not any earthly knowledge, but precisely the spiritual wisdom, truth and peace. In this they are ready to be our students, since this wisdom is present only in us.

Hatred of Jews is rising like a tsunami of #Antisemitism and will compel us to return to ourselves.

2.000 years ago the Temple, the connection between us, collapsed. Since then, the nation has been exiled from the spiritual state, egoism is between us, and we are therefore among the nations. We have been successful in egoism since we once existed outside of it too.

We do not correct the breaking! #Antisemitism is a result of our neglect of the opportunity to attain correction. The exile ended only in potential, but not in reality. Sanctity lies in unity, which we can attain. Without uniting, we are in destruction…

In reality the destruction is the correction! It’s impossible to ruin something that was never corrected, that can be ruined. This was a breaking of the boundary between the receiving and bestowing desires, the qualities of the Creator and creation. Therefore the breaking was necessary for correction.

The 1st Temple is unification for the Creator’s sake on the degree of Hochma, in every person’s fight against himself to avoid falling into egoism. But a breach of the connection occurred—exile from connection.
After the exile, the nation builds a new connection among its members —the 2nd Temple, but already on the degree of Neshama. The connection breaks by 1 CE.

The destruction of the 2nd Temple was the final exit from spirituality—everyone exited into the intention “for my own sake.” Since then, the entire nation, besides special people—Kabbalists, entered the process of constant egoistic decline of generations. Ascent became possible after the Ari’s revelation (16th century).

The generations after the Temple’s destruction cannot be compared to us. They felt greater connection with each other, sanctity still radiated for them. They left us the Mishnah, Talmud, etc. The descent did not happen in an instant, the light vacated the common soul gradually. Darkness set in during the times of the Ari.

Correction from below began in the times of the Baal Shem Tov. BESHT performed great work, reviving spirituality, and was followed by his students, Baal HaSulam, and the last great Kabbalist, already living in our time, the Rabash, who left to us the entire method of correction, which we use today.

What Did the Moon Landing Do to Human Psychology?

The group should envision itself as the Temple in which the Creator dwells. And if the Creator isn’t felt, it means the Temple, the connection between friends, is destroyed, because evil thoughts came in-between them. This is exile from Israel, Isra-El, aspiration to the Creator.
Unity is resurrection.

We must rise from the “Destruction of the Temple” to awareness of the loss of the national bond and the need to restore it. Otherwise the holocaust will repeat until we recognize the need to correct the evil between us, so that instead of evil and darkness—we reveal the Creator

The Creatures can feel only in the contrast of light and darkness. Hence creating darkness was a necessary condition for the creatures’ existence. It concluded with descent from the level of connection (destruction of the Temple), and in the 16th century (the times of the Ari) the period of egoism’s correction began (BESHT), whether unwillingly or consciously.

By creating His opposite, egoism, the Creator created the condition and possibility for the creatures’ existence and His revelation. Precisely our weakness in attaining the Creator’s quality of bestowal is the reason and opportunity to attain Him.
From Twitter, 7/22/19

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Why Have Jews Been Persecuted Throughout History? (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Why have Jews been persecuted throughout history?

There are a few reasons for the persecution of Jews throughout history. The main reason is rooted in the spiritual establishment of the Jewish people in ancient Babylon about 4,000 years ago. The Jewish people were originally a gathering of Babylonians from all walks of life who gathered under the guidance of Abraham, who taught them how to unite (“love your neighbor as yourself”) in order for unity to spread to all peoples (to be “a light unto nations”).Having once attained a heightened spiritual state of unification, the Jews later fell from that spiritual state, when they entered the period of exile, and became unconscious of having ever experienced it. As such, persecution has befallen the Jewish people in various forms throughout history as part of the development toward a state where the Jews will need to re-attain the spiritual unity they once reached.

When the Jews were closer to their spiritual root, having an inclination and guidance on how to unite above their divisive egoistic drives, they were appreciated. This is exemplified in the periods of the First and Second Temples. Likewise, to the extent that the Jews became remote from their spiritual root, especially at times when a certain amount of spiritual unity was needed to expand in humanity, they received a negative response from nature through people subconsciously starting to hate them, fishing for reasons to place blame on them. This is because the role of the Jewish people, which they are idle in performing, is to unite among each other and with the upper force, and to spread spiritual unity worldwide. Specifically the idleness is the problematic point.

Therefore, today the Jews also experience increasing pressure in the form of exponentially rising anti-Semitic sentiment, crimes and threats in order to incentivize them to fulfill their function in the world.

The wisdom of Kabbalah, which is the method of unification that Abraham guided the Jews to unity with, has become disclosed today for the purpose of serving the world. Jews today need only access this method, apply efforts to unite through it, and by doing so, show an example to the world of what it does to them: how much it connects them and everyone, and how an eternal and perfect life becomes revealed through such connection. The Jews’ idleness in implementing this method—by not wanting to be a “light unto nations,” i.e. to the nations of the world—rebounds on them with a negative response from the nations of the world.

If the Jews will fail to perform their spiritual duty in the world, then a continued escalation of anti-Semitism will ensue. The Holocaust serves as an example of what could likely erupt in such a case

Relate To The Perfect Governance Of The Creator

laitman_962.5Nothing should be corrected in reality except for our attitude toward it. Let the world develop in its own way, we have nothing to add to it. After all, we see it according to our own qualities. We need to correct our view of creation, but the creation that appears before us is in absolute perfection. Peace in the world is the perfection we need to achieve.

Around me I see only myself, my own flaws. If I see that all the parts of reality are imperfect and the connection between them is also flawed, it shows the extent of my corruption. On one hand, all of reality is perfect and only the person needs correction. But in order to be corrected, one’s environment must be corrected so it could influence the person.1

The Creator influences a person through the world as well as through human inner nature. Thus, we find ourselves between two fires, all in order to bring us to the corrected state, to the realization that we must accept the Creator’s governance as perfect and adapt ourselves to it. This work goes against our inner egoistic desire until we balance our inner egoistic force with the external force of the world, relating them both to the perfect governance of the Creator.

One who wishes to correct the external force is called a world reformer, and one who wishes to correct himself is called a servant of the Creator.

The Creator constantly changes all desires, qualities, and attitudes inside me, ruling over my internal nature. Around me, I see the seemingly external world, which the Creator also shows me. It follows that I am under two influences of the Creator: internal and external. All I have to do is to balance them, placing the Creator as a ruler over both.2

The whole world is shouting that it is not the Creator who rules the world, but me. This is how we reveal that it is the Creator who rules over everyone. There is none else besides Him.3

There is a desirable outcome and there is reality. It is desirable to see the world corrected, that is, under the rule of the single force of the Creator besides which there is nothing. I am then connected to this single force and see that only the Creator fills all of reality.

But if I’m not corrected yet, I judge according to my imperfections and see wars and turbulence instead of the corrected state. Everything happens only in relation to the one who attains and all the wars and disasters that we see are happening inside of us, inside our nature. If I am not corrected, I cannot yet attribute it all to myself and it seems to me that the war is happening on the outside. I have not adhered to the Creator yet, and therefore, reality for me is split in two: myself and Him, instead of feeling “us” as one whole.4
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/10/19, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”
1 Minute4:05
2 Minute 12:20
3 Minute 19:00
4 Minute 19:50

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The Next Small Step For Mankind

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 7/21/19

The next small step for mankind

The Structure Of The Universe, Part 2

laitman_251Stages of Development of Creation

The Creator emanates the Light (+) of fulfillment, satisfaction, which gives birth to a desire for it, the Kli (vessel) (-).

The Light is stage 0 (Keter). The first stage, Hochma, is already a desire to receive that wants to enjoy the Light. This desire is natural, instinctive. We usually depict it in the shape of a cup receiving the Light.

After the Light created the desire, it began to transform. Now it wants to be like the Light, and therefore, it refuses to enjoy. The Light gradually transfers its properties of bestowal, and the desire, which now wants to bestow on its own and be similar to the Light, empties out. This is the third stage, Bina.

Question: If at stage one I wanted to receive, then in stage two, under the influence of the Light, do I suddenly want to bestow, become like the Light?

Answer: Under the influence of the Light you begin to change.

The third stage is a very interesting one. It is opposite from the first stage, meaning that here the created being achieves the state opposite to the one it was created in. Afterward, Bina decides: “If I want to bestow, I must realize myself.” Therefore, with its desire to bestow, it creates a new stage called Zeir Anpin.

This is a desire to receive but a very small one, not as big as the stage of Hochma.

Question: Why is stage two insufficient? After all, we become like the upper force that bestows.

Answer: No. We become like the upper force in our intention, but not in our form. We do not bestow anything in Bina, we simply refuse to receive. But when Bina realizes itself in Zeir Anpin, the third stage, this is how it realizes itself as similar to the Creator.

Therefore, Keter is the property of the Creator to bestow. Hochma is the realization of this desire, bestowal. Bina receives the property that Hochma passes on to it, and in turn, refuses to receive.

But for now, it has nothing to give and it does not even want to.

In the third stage Zeir Anpin, Bina realizes its property of bestowal. It is as if it has given birth to it, created this next property, and fulfilled it.

Question: So, in this third stage, I both give and take a little?

Answer: Yes. Zeir Anpin is complex, compound, as if it consists of two parts, as does Bina. Hochma also consist of two parts and so does Keter. Meaning, the desire to receive is always present.

When Zeir Anpin is completely filled by Bina, it begins to feel that what is most important to it is to be filled rather than refusing to receive. Therefore, the property that desires to be filled is called Malchut (kingdom)—the kingdom of desires.

Malchut is completely opposite to Keter. Meaning that finally the creation, which is completely opposite to the Creator, wants to realize what He has planned for it. Meaning that the Creator wants to bestow, and Malchut wants to receive what Keter wants to bestow.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah” 11/27/18

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New Life 269 – Self Love, Part 1

New Life 269 – Self Love, Part 1
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

Self-love is the fundamental material or software that controls everything and its operation has passed its prime. Human self-love has become insatiable and destructive. We are in despair because there is nothing left with which we can fulfill our desire to love ourselves. Since the mid-90’s, morbid forms of self-love have developed and we are out of balance. We must transcend our self-love in order to get out of this loop. To feel good, we must now learn how to surround ourselves with mutually loving relationships. Happiness can only be found through loving others.
From KabTV’s “New Life 269 – Self Love, Part 1,” 12/15/13

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