Correct The Perception Of Reality

Laitman_727Remark: In The Book of Zohar it says that all the worlds, both, upper and lower and everything that exists in them, are created only for the sake of man, and everything lives and develops because of man. This was written 2,000 years ago.

My Comment: Everything is only for one person because nothing was created but Adam. Adam is the general system that we all are parts of.

The worlds are what we see in our still imperfect perception of reality because we reveal it in portions to the extent of our similarity with the highest governance, with the highest quality of bestowal. The upper worlds are our future states and the lower, the past ones.

Question: Is there a connection between desire and perception? In the Babylonian Talmud, written in the 3rd century AD, it says “everyone judges according to his flaw.” How can this be explained?

Answer: This means that we perceive reality not as it really is, but according to our vessel of perception, how corrected it is and how much it is uncorrected, so we partially feel the true reality and partly the false one. It is like when I put on my glasses, I see much better, but it is still not perfect vision.

Thus, if you see negative phenomena in the world, it is only because of your still-corrupted vessel of perception. There are people who see the opposite: what you see as negative, they see as positive.

Question: Does it mean that at a certain stage of evolutionary development it will be possible to reach a level where we look at the world and we will be able to say: “Everything in the world is perfect, there is nothing negative in it?”

Answer: In fact, yes. Everything depends only on our vessel of perception. If we correct it to a state of similarity to the light and love, then there will be no limit to our attainment, no feeling of corruption, or defects.
From KabTVs “Fundamentals of Kabbalah”, 11/26/18

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