A White Spot In The White Light

laitman_962.5The cascading of the worlds from the top down to the shattering, to this world, happens only due to the upper one without any participation of the created being. The degrees of diminishing of the light and all kinds of forms of the will to receive are designed in order to separate the desire from the light and make it free.

So far, this works like an electrical system that does not have any free choice and even a shadow of a doubt. The created being does not do calculations in darkness and uncertainty, but it acts according to the distinct, calculated-from-above plan called the “cause and effect order of descent of the worlds from above downward.” There is no created being here yet but the work of formulas of interaction between the light and the desire.

Thus, the ladder is built: Galgalta, AB, SAG, and so on, down to this world. From the Creator comes the will to receive created by Him and also the desire of the light to bestow, and the relationship between them builds the degrees. The created being appears only after the shattering since, because of it, the spark of bestowal penetrates the will to receive. This force of bestowal gets imprinted there in the inverse form as an additional will to receive.

Working with this additional will to receive that came from the Light, the created being feels its oppositeness to the Creator, feels as a created being and not just a system of lights and desires, pluses and minuses. Therefore, it is possible to talk about the created being only after the sin of the Tree of Knowledge in which the root of the creation is formed. We still have a long way to go.1

The reason for the first restriction is that the Creator, by affecting the desire with the upper light, gives it an urge to restrict itself and stop receiving. This decision is born within the desire itself, which understands that it is more worthwhile to restrict itself and not to receive than to receive and feel shame. After that, the desire remains empty and makes decisions about the next actions, discovering that it is possible to receive for the sake of bestowal.

But all these are still desires inside the will to receive due to the influence of the light. There is still no free choice here—it is a mechanical calculation of the correlation of two forces. So far, there is nothing alive in this system that could make its own decisions, want, feel, and experience. It works automatically, like the internal physical and chemical processes in our body.

The decision is not made out of darkness, out of the shattering, and not out of uncertainty; that is, there is no condition for free choice of the created being. The light strikes upon it and obligates it to become a bestower, as the saying goes, “the situation obliges.” The light is acting here and there is no created being yet. The created being is the one who is, on one hand, disconnected from the Emanator, and, on the other hand, wants to resemble Him.2

So far, the created being does not have any doubts about what it should do. All the systems, except for the human, work according to simple mechanical formulas. They just seem complicated to us when we enter this work because we do not have enough inner qualities to resemble the upper force. Yet in fact, all these actions are clearly predetermined and do not imply any doubts and freewill.

The created being is primarily the one who has doubts. Many actions are required in order to create a person of this world who constantly suffers from doubts and uncertainty. He does not know where to go and must search for the means to stand against his egoistic desires and doubts.

A person establishes an empty area, for himself,  a white spot, and takes care of its preservation. After all, if this empty area (the middle third of Tifferet) does not exist, then there will be no human. A human is the one who acts in states of uncertainty. He understands which forces operate from the right side and the left, but he must perform the connection of the left and the right line, which will not reduce his freewill and through which he will become similar to the Creator.

The main thing for the created being is to maintain his freedom because this is his main asset. If he loses his freedom, he immediately falls to the degree of a beast and he seemingly ceases to exist.3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/13/19, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” Items 22 – 29
1 Minute 14:35
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