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Why Can’t We Sense The Essence Of The Creator?

laitman_260.01Question: Why can we not sense the essence of the Creator?

Answer: We cannot comprehend the essence of the Creator since we do not have the tools for this.

Similar to how an animal cannot comprehend the human level, a human cannot comprehend the Creator’s level. To do so, we lack the necessary tools, that is, qualities.

Our properties, built on plus and minus, are created by the Creator in such a volume and on such a level that we can comprehend Him, but only on the basis of those qualities in which He created us. Above them, we cannot comprehend.

Question: Is this really the case or maybe something else?

Answer: Perhaps there is something else.

When at the end of 6,000 years, and maybe even earlier, we completely correct our qualities and correctly use both positive and negative properties, then we will finally reach the level that the Creator set for us: to attain Him in these 6,000 years.

Then it is quite possible that we will discover the next volume, the next void, which we can comprehend, for we ourselves still know nothing about it. There are some guesses, but they are just guesses.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/24/19

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The Common Point Of Goodness

laitman_938.04Question: If the Creator is always different for each and every person, how can He be a point of connection for people?

Answer: The fact of the matter is that connection occurs at the point of the Creator’s goodness toward us. We begin to understand that everything He does is absolutely right, reasonable, and good.

It is at this point of our impression of Him that we unite and become like Him. Therefore, this point of goodness becomes common to us.

Afterward, we again scatter in different directions, with new egoism, we hate each other again, and begin to gather again, but on the next, higher level.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/24/19

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New Life #13 – The Power Of Love

New Life #13 – The Power of Love
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi

The crisis in the world today is actually a crisis in our way of relating to one another and the only way to solve it is to learn to love others. The nature of each and every one is to take care of oneself; however, the development of the human ego has come to an end. The only way to get closer to love of others is by building a strong, environmental force that will bind us in mutual love. Society needs to raise the value of consideration for others until we feel like one family and discover the whole depth and harmony of nature.
From KabTV’s “New Life #13 – The Power of Love,” 1/11/12

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