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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Descents are given from above in order to check if there are any ascents in egoism. Although, one cannot do much in a descent, upon receiving another ascent one must recall the previous fall in order to understand what must be done not to get any more descents.

In an ascent one understands how much he loses in a descent, in egoism. This calculation becomes increasingly important until, after much suffering, does the real need in the help (salvation) of the Creator arise. And one is able to appreciate the Creator saving him from egoism.

Why is it that specifically the importance of the Creator (the Greatness of the Creator) so important to man? Because we exist in the Creator that fills everything, and only the absence of the desire to reveal His greatness (not Him) is what conceals Him from us.

Descent distances me from the group, and therefore from the Creator. I don’t feel the need for the group or the Creator. It is the opposite in an ascent when both, the group and the Creator, are important to me. If I don’t lose the importance of the Creator, I will not fall. This is only possible in a group that cares about the common greatness of the Creator.

To feel the greatness of the Creator is to value His presence in my life more than life itself. As if I get a result of a blood test with thousands of indicators, but I only care about one: the greatness of the Creator, His importance in my life. I evaluate myself according to it.

A descent means I cease valuing the Creator’s greatness in my life. The Creator becomes unimportant to me—this is called a descent. Only by the scale of the Creator’s greatness in me do I assess my states as ascent or descent: how important/unimportant the upper force is to me.

Ascent and descent are defined only by how much I feel the Creator’s greatness. If I notice that I’ve lost the greatness of the Creator, it’s a descent, since there is no Creator in my world. This is the only thing deemed a descent in spirituality.

The Creator deliberately created a descent for me so I will extract the lack of His greatness. In the ascent I can add the need for the Creator’s greatness that was present in the descent, and ask for His revelation. Therein lies my work—everything else is done from above.

From the descent, I want to extract a need for the Creator’s greatness. This does not mean I sink into a descent. Awakening a descent means awakening only the lack of the Creator’s greatness, which I experienced. I wish to supplement the current ascent with the lack of the Creator’s greatness from the preceding descent.

The state of ascent is the sensation of closeness to the Creator, His greatness
It’s not the Creator Himself that’s revealed, but His authority. If I feel that everything is governed by the Creator, then I can inquire into the previous descent—in order to build an ascent from it
From Twitter, 6/24/19

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Stay Afloat

laitman_962.1We see the entire world as being full of evil, but we understand that this is not true because this is how it seems only because of our egoism. Therefore, we rise above it and adhere to the Creator who is good and does good. After that, we can develop our sensations, mind, and heart in order to see the world as evil and nevertheless be above this evil inside the force that is good and does good.

We need to arrange ourselves so that as more or less evil is revealed in the world, we will  always remain in adhesion with the good who does good, as it is written: “They have eyes and see not; they have ears and hear not.” We sense evil within our egoistic desires and we always establish ourselves in order to remain afloat, like a buoy on the surface of the water. The more evil that is revealed, the more we amplify the good who does good, and as such maintain ourselves above in faith above reason.

Knowledge reveals more and more evil; Malchut of the world of infinity opens more and more, as it is said that toward the end of correction, impudence will multiply. All the while we constantly keep afloat by clinging to the good, to the upper one. This is how we want to spend every day and every second of our life.

It is clear that a strong inclusion in the group is needed. We live always on this border, afloat, in the point of balance between the two worlds. Then it turns into the middle line where we ourselves awaken darkness and attract the light. Yet, for now, all we have to do is try to float on the surface of this evil, constantly adhering to the good.1

My buoy is the ten. I build this buoy by annulling myself before the ten. I do not drown because I care for the friends, for their benefit, not my own. This lets me stay afloat, otherwise I will drown in the water. The nine friends are the nine points in the heart that remain afloat in the feeling that “There is none else beside the Creator,” and I support them and hold onto them.

I am not just grabbing them like a drowning person, I am trying to keep them from drowning, and therefore, I am afloat too. I annul myself before the buoy to absolute zero.2

First of all, you need to annul yourself before the ten in order to surrender yourself to it—this is the very first stage of spiritual work. I can then be sure that I am included in the ten. No matter how high I am, like in the example of Rabbi Yossi ben Kisma, by annulling myself before the friends, I perform the first spiritual action. After all, the ten will always be higher than me. I can be the greatest, but if there is a ten next to me, it will always be higher than I am. Therefore, my first spiritual step is to annul myself before it.

After I annul myself, above this self-annulment I can already perform all kinds of actions within the ten through my inclusion in it. I must find out what my friends want and fully use myself to fulfill their desire. The ten on a spiritual degree is my tool for communication with the Creator. Alone I have no opportunity to contact Him, I have no one before whom I can annul myself and in relation to whom I can develop my desire on the spiritual degree.

I reveal the evil and the darkness in me and I want to grasp the light, but this is only possible through the ten by annulling myself before it like Malchut annuls itself before the first nine Sefirot or like the lower one annuls itself before the dark Malchut of the upper. I must then make every effort to support the friends, that is, to pass my qualities that are corrected from reception to bestowal to the ten. In this way, I begin to belong to the higher, already-spiritual degree, and all this an expansion of faith above reason.

I am already preparing for the next revelation of evil. I am changing all the time, and therefore, I cannot create any support within myself, any safety belt against the impudent egoism when it erupts in me. Therefore, I tie myself to the group. If today I invest in the group as much as possible, elevate the friends, serve them, annul myself, then with this I create insurance for myself for the future.

The group is my protective buffer, the battery, the first nine Sefirot that will later support my Malchut. The investment in the friends, the mutual guarantee, is necessary for advancement because later they will feel that they are obliged to save me, to free me from prison.

The group works like a pump. I adhere to it, receiving more strength from it, and then I receive additional egoism that throws me away from the friends. The friends return me back to them but only through the efforts that I invested previously. This is how I work all the time, like a piston in a pump.3

The ten is a spiritual structure, not a corporeal one. This is not a burden or difficult duty for me, but my lifeline. To be more exact, it is a system for the revelation of the Creator. It seems that I work with ten corporeal people with whom I do not feel any connection. Yet, gradually, thanks to the reforming light, I begin to feel an inner connection between us in which the Creator’s revelation is manifested.

It is between us that the Creator is revealed. Within our relations and bestowal to each other, new sensations are revealed, a network that makes it possible to feel the upper force. This network is woven from the qualities of the friends: from bestowal and love within which we begin to reveal the Creator. These properties of the network allow the upper light to reveal itself in them.

Then the ten, from a burden, from the ten corporeal bodies, turns into a mechanism of connection, into a detector for the revelation of the Creator. The group becomes the vessel of my soul.4
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/3/19, “The Absolute Zero”
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2 Minute 33:05
3 Minute 41:50
4 Minute 1:04:20

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Both Feelings And Mechanics

laitman_276.04Question: Once again we have approached the study of the Preface to The Wisdom of Kabbalah (Pticha), but at a new level, through feeling. This is so interesting, so deep, that again we miss the technical details.

Why, when we start to ask any technical questions, does it takes us away from the sensory perception that we have entered, knocks us out of it?

Answer: This happens only in the beginning. For example, when people learn to play a certain musical instrument, at first one has to work on technique. They have to do exercises and get used to the instrument.

Once they have mastered it, then it is as if they unite with it and the instrument begins to express their feelings, those that they cannot express themselves. I take a violin in my hands and it sings they way I never could. But through its singing, through its longing, through its sounds, I am able to express myself.

It is the same here. First we have to learn the instrument. Our instrument is feelings, nothing more than feelings because we are merely the desire to enjoy. This is what the Creator created in us.

In order to express our feelings for the Creator, we need to take them above our egoism, that is, through the desire to the friends. This is a great, special, wonderful opportunity to take our feelings through them because I will not get into the Creator otherwise!

The group for me is an instrument on which I play. If I did not have it, I would not be able to convey anything to the Creator. Therefore, the shattering of the common desire into a vast number of desires gives me an opportunity to play, as if on piano keys, all sorts of melodies of connection. From them, I assemble a symphony, a song of love for the Creator. These are feelings. Yet, they work on mathematics, on desires.

Several times in our lessons, I told you about my friend who worked on the restoration of the organ in the Riga Cathedral. He told me how complex this instrument is. He had books and articles on the structure of the organ with complex mathematical formulas, including diameters, pressure, tune, and so on.

A question arises: what are we going to study: mechanics or how with its help we can evoke feelings? The Creator needs both.

Why? It is so we could fully become masters of the desire that He created, and with its help, express everything in the same way He does, as our quality of bestowal in relation to His quality of bestowal. So that we could connect, adhere to Him.

Therefore, we do not go into feelings with no connection to mechanics. Currently, we do not pay more attention to feelings, because once we run into this, we do not understand what is required of us. We must develop our sensory perception, and then we will play.

We will look at different drawings and cry or laugh—each one will have one’s own reaction. You have no idea how many drawings there are—thousands. So you don’t have to worry about mechanics. You will have all the mechanics you want.

Thus we will come to this. Then everything will be balanced: both feelings and mechanics. You will be able to play the instrument perfectly and express your feelings through it so that both you and the Creator will really be in a common understanding and enjoyment.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/4/19

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New Life 265 – Overcoming Social Anxiety

New Life 265 – Overcoming Social Anxiety
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

Overcoming social anxiety requires that each of us play the character of Noah by making an inner effort to put others at ease. Whether I am at work or at home, I do not do what is hated by me to others and I make room for everyone. I restrict myself and become like air that does not pressure anyone. Everyone must agree to go into Noah’s Ark together and hide there from the evil force that separates us. Today, we imitate characters from films and no longer know ourselves. We play all kinds of false characters, according to false values. We need to cleanse ourselves from this hypocrisy since it only leads to stress. If everyone plays the “Noah” game together, we will connect to a wonderful puzzle in which everyone will find his place.
From KabTV’s “New Life 265 – Overcoming Social Anxiety,” 12/6/13

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 6/24/19

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Lesson on the Topic “To Learn From the Descent in the State of Ascent” 

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,”  Item 50

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