My Thoughts On Twitter 6/20/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

I was happy to meet with our newly elected Mayor of Petach Tikva, @ramigrinberg who came to our headquarters. We spoke about strengthening the sense of community in the city, since proper relations between residents are the foundation for a healthy society

We also discovered that his sister is studying with us, and that his cousin was studying at one of our branches in Israel. It turns out we are all connected in a single network.

This is the secret of the wisdom of Kabbalah, and this is also the hope for all of us as citizens, to live as one family. and a strong city.

A talk with Len Saxe About #Antisemtism

One who wishes to accelerate the movement, while in ascent, in order to gain importance of being near the Creator, imagines a descent, suffering due to distancing from Him. But now he feels close to the Creator.

Thus in ascent one studies the descent and the difference between them, light and darkness. And does not wait until a descent comes from above.
From Twitter, 6/20/19

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