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The whole Mount (Har) Sinai are our doubts (Hirurim), the egoistic desires that hatred comes from (Sina). To the extent that we strive to draw the Light that Reforms from the top of the mountain of hatred, it raises us to the top where we merge with the Creator.

Ascent up Mount Sinai (doubts and reciprocal rejection) is carried out by upper light. But the light is elicited by efforts to unite, in spite of the reciprocal rejection (Sinah). We must only make efforts to get closer in the group, while the light does all the rest:”The Creator will finish for me.”

Doubts (Hirurim) stand in the way of rising to the upper world. They form Mt. (Har) Sinai—the mountain of hatred and doubts that can be conquered only by mutual guarantee—connection in the group, the ten. This is the correction of the broken system of the soul of Adam.

240 Israeli #scientists have asked the German government to reject #BDS as an anti-Semitic movement and to keep financing Israeli and Palestinian non-governmental organizations that are against the Israeli occupation. Great “scientists”! But they learn nothing from history!
From Twitter, 6/13/19

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What Is More Important: The Internal Or The External?


Every degree consists of internal and external components, and the external part of the upper degree is connected to the inner part of the lower one. Thus, there is a connection between all the degrees, that is, one can ascend or descend from any level. Therefore, by preferring the internal to the external, that is, the maximum bestowal and the minimum reception, in both spirituality as well as in corporeality, a person expresses his desire to elevate the upper degree so it can rule over the lower. Every person in this top-down chain: Israel (those who serve the Creator and those who do not, the nations of the world within Israel) and the nations of the world can ascend the degrees because of their preference of the internal (upper) over the external (lower).

The inner part is the closest to spirituality because it refers to the upper degree, and if a person prefers it to the lower part, one ensures one’s ascent. Therefore, every person has the opportunity to choose the upper and by so doing, ascend above the current degree received from birth, from one’s natural properties. And there, once again, one chooses the internal and thus keeps ascending from the foot of the ladder where all the created beings exist to its very top.

No one is limited in anything: one begins according to the root of one’s soul and keeps working with it. Every person has an inner and outer part and is given free choice and equal opportunities to climb to the very top, to perform the greatest bestowal to the Creator.1

To the measure of our rising above problems and concentrating on the Creator instead of focusing on them, we advance. Specifically, we have to decide what is more important: the upper part within us or the lower, the desire to enjoy or the intention to bestow. The importance of spiritual advancement, solidarity with the Creator and the purpose of creation, and involvement in the process of correction have to be so important to us that we simply stop feeling corporeal problems, we attribute no importance to them.

It all depends on what we prefer at every moment: our inner or our outer part, where do we want to be, what is more important for us? Our correct attitude toward the falling rockets [in Israel] will determine whether they will stop or not because they were designed to push us toward correct actions. We face the upper force, there is nothing else beside it, the good that does good. Right now, this force is sending us rockets, awakening us to change ourselves.

If we attain the right reaction with regard to the rockets, we will no longer think about the rockets but about our correction, and that is why the rockets will stop. But our goal was not to stop the rockets, but to reach adhesion with the upper force.2

Deciding that the external part is more important than the inner, we give power to the outer part to rise across the entire world. It turns out that the upper part considers the lower to be more important and neglects the upper. This is how the outer part of the world gains importance; that is, all the sinners of the world gain strength and opportunity to inflict damage on everyone else. Instead of calming them down and establishing order in the world, it pushes toward loving the other as yourself.

But if we chose the inner part within us over the outer, then by doing so, we establish that the inner part of the world, which concerns spirituality, influences the lower degrees and they begin to understand that spirituality is more important than corporeality. Everything is determined in the thought.

One must scrutinize on one’s own level so that one can choose the spiritual over the material. There is no other way to influence the world except by changing oneself on the inside, utterly raising the inner over the outer.3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/6/19 Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar
1 Minute17:50
2 Minute 35:25
3 Minute 48:20

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What Is Stronger: Time Or Patience?

laitman_761.2Question: You wrote on Instagram: “If you change, the world will change. And do not demand changes from the world if you do not change yourself. Improve yourself and everything will change.

“The world depends only on a person’s change, not on the change of others. You will find that they should not change. The whole world is in complete correction.”

While these processes are taking place, what is stronger: time or patience?

Answer: Time is like something that does not depend on us. Patience is something that depends on us. But we can, with the help of our patience, change time, speed it up or slow it down. Therefore, I believe that the most important thing is our attitude toward the world, that we change as quickly as possible, and then we will see the world rapidly changing in a good direction.

Question: In the end, it turns out that time will be subject to us?

Answer: Time will be subject to us and changing the world will be subject to us, depending on our own changes.

Question: What does it have to do with patience?

Answer: Patience means that we do not have to endure anything, we do not have to wait for something to change. We must change ourselves.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/3/19

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 12/16/18

laitman_561Question: What is the difference between the right and the left line, reception and bestowal? Is it balance, importance, or something else?

Answer: Indeed, balance is important, when I perceive the left and the right line as equivalent, I abstract them from myself in order to balance them above me. This is how I build my soul from them.

Question: How do I implement the recommendations of a Kabbalist when it seems they are mutually exclusive?

Answer: Give me such examples and I will tell you why they are mutually exclusive. They may seem contradictory, but they always complement each other. If you include them within you, you will see it.

Question: Are the desire and the intention always in conflict?

Answer: This is already a certain level. If certain desires are opposite to the intentions and a person understands this, then the person knows what to do. One is already advancing.

Question: How can one avoid going into fantasies and philosophy while desiring to understand the feelings that arise when one is studying the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: If you apply the method in a group, then there is no chance that this will happen to you. However, in any other way, there is no point in even trying to advance because this will lead you in another direction and you will achieve nothing.

Question: When I want to weigh a desire or a thought, what must I put on the second pan of the scale?

Answer: Put the unity between us and the Creator on it.

Question: What qualities do people need the most?

Answer: First of all, a person must recognize one’s lack of knowledge, insignificance, and weakness. Reaching a state when you understand your insignificance in everything and your full dependence on the Creator, this is the highest point. Because that is the truth. All the rest is petty, childish egoism.

Question: How does one balance thought and speech?

Answer: This has no relation to the wisdom of Kabbalah since this is a technique of our world; because spiritual thought and speech do not apply to our verbal and our thinking mechanism.
From the Kabbalah Lesson Russian 12/16/18

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New Life #262 – Sex Education: The Crisis Between Male And Female, Part 2

New Life #262 – Sex Education: The Crisis Between Male and Female, Part 2
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The family unit is breaking down due to men and women’s inability to communicate with each other. Our confusion and unhappiness is not coincidental as we are approaching a new degree of human development called “Adam,” which is based on mutual connection. We correct ourselves and our relationships by putting the connection in the center rather than the “I.” The choice of a partner takes place according to the soul, according to an internal fit for a common spiritual purpose. Sex will then come as an addition to the spiritual bond and then there will be greater pleasures in it. Breaking the boundaries of time, place, and movement can only occur in a spiritual connection between people.
From KabTV’s “New Life #262 – Sex Education: The Crisis Between Male and Female,” Part 2, 11/27/13

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 6/13/19

Lesson Preparation

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” Items 22 – 29

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