My Thoughts On Twitter 6/12/19

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Baal HaSulam, Letter 25: Initially every soul is already in a perfect state. It is encased in an EGO-shell only in order to be freed of the shame of gratuitous reception. By that it is liberated from the EGO, turning reception into bestowal.
And therein lies its reward—in adhesion.

The next stage of societal development is unification in societies above their internal egoism. And then—above societies. All the processes must occur in all societies-countries.
In the USSR, China and so forth, they thought they could skip capitalistic EGO-development.
But it’s inevitable!
#capitalism #egoism

Under developing #capitalism, any person can reach the greatest heights. But nature is founded on egoism, which has a peculiar character to its development. Accumulation of #wealth has halted the opportunities for growth for all.
Those who are successful have blocked the development of all. They became aristocrats. The period of growth is over.
From Twitter, 6/12/19

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