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The Torah is found in those who are ready to annul themselves in it. Man’s only quality is egoism. And the aspiration to change it from the desire “for myself” to the desire “for the Creator” is possible only by the light of Torah, rather than by one’s own forces.

Since the goal of creation is to go from breakage to unity, the main problem of correction lies in attaining “Love for the neighbor,” when the broken parts of the common desire of ADAM unite together in mutual guarantee—in complete correspondence, as one whole.

Since the goal of creation is creation’s full equivalence to the Creator, it is achieved by breakage and unification of the single desire. The breakage happens at the root of the act of creation, and unification of the broken desires occurs through our efforts. The right connection of the broken desires is called Mutual Guarantee.

Rabash. Three Aspects of Torah:
There are three stages of Torah:
1. Tushia—it weakens a person’s forces
2. Torah—a spice
3. The Light of Torah
Stages 1 and 2 are preparation for receiving Torah.
Stage 3 is the essence of Torah, to fulfill the creatures with awareness.
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