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My Thoughts On Twitter 6/16/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

#Time is measured only according to the empty desire and its filling. If there is no empty desire and filling, if everything is of equal value, perfect and filled, then time is not felt.

We live under the Governance of the Upper Force, which put us on the path toward unity. All deviations from this path only lead to problems. The group Isra-El has no other choice but to move forward, toward fulfilling the rule of love of others, which it was founded on.

Desire to receive is the product that should take the shape of the Creator. Like an inflatable toy that resembles a wrinkled rag, but when inflated, you see that it is a balloon. In the same way the creature takes the form of the Creator and becomes a man, Adam, meaning “similar” to the Creator.

Our job is to want to leave the inanimate degree, reach the Master of the program, and oblige Him to govern us in a new way. Only through the Creator can we act differently. To change anything inside oneself is only possible by appealing to the Creator and obliging Him to change us. “My sons have defeated Me.”

All problems stem from the fact that we attribute what is happening to chance, rather than to the absolute program of Nature (or the Creator, which is the same). This prompts our actions, which lead to crises in order to push us to reevaluate what is happening and to reveal the Upper evolution.

Elections around the world have shown that #nationalism is growing. International organizations are not able to introduce programs of re-education. Without connecting above #hatred, the world inevitably moves toward #war.
The fact that only the power of the Kabbalistic groups may outweigh the forces of #evil becomes revealed …

The world should prepare for the transition from trade wars and sanctions to the collapse of #economic, and later on, all kinds of egoistic relations between countries, following which, within the countries too. This is the next crisis. #Globalization will end.
The world will have to think about “how to exist” …

Re-election in #Israel
We need to rise above our differences. Our salvation lies only in unity. If we understand that there is no other way, and take “love your neighbor as yourself” as a foundation, above our doubts, or various ambitions, debates—we’ll solve all the problems.
#jewish #election
From Twitter, 6/16/19

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BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions)

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 6/16/19

“We all reject the deceitful allegation that BDS as such is anti-Semitic and maintain that boycotts are a legitimate and non-violent tool of resistance.” 240 Israeli and Jewish academics signed an open letter calling on the German government to rescind the bill stating that the boycott movement is anti-Semitic .

In a letter posted on the BDS website, they also call on the German government “to maintain direct and indirect funding for Israeli and Palestinian NGOs, which challenge the Israeli occupation.”

But what makes educated, reasonable Jews living in Israel express deep solidarity with organizations that delegitimize and tarnish their country? How do they envision the future?

It is a well-known fact that in all the international organizations, especially those working against the Jewish people and the State of Israel, such as the BDS, there are Jewish and former Israeli workers.

In fact, they are the greatest anti-Semites. This is their way of avoiding their true mission, and disassociating themselves from their spiritual roots. Some of them even believe that if they are assimilated, they will get rid of the “Jewish gene” that is embedded in them.

However, according to Kabbalah, this is impossible. Jews will forever remain Jews. They carry a spiritual root that is beyond their biology.

When a Jew feels growing hatred to this uncontrollable situation, which prevents him the freedom to choose who he is, he develops hatred towards the essence of the being Jewish. A hatred he cannot even explain to himself, but it is strong enough to motivate him to act aggressively against the Jewish people.

Therefore, some of them feel deprived and stressed by anti-Semitism – or rather anti-Israelism – and in order to escape the hatred toward them, they live in various countries around the world, trying to conceal their Jewish identity.

Whether consciously or not, they gradually become Jew haters. And there are others, who instead of leaving Israel, continue to earn a living, study and teach in Israel; yet in their hearts feel rejection to this place. They are those that would sign a letter of support for an anti-Semitic organization from their air-conditioned office behind the walls of an Israeli academic institution.

Every person can express himself as he sees fit, but not against the destruction of the other. Freedom of expression must be given to anybody that calls for peace – but not through means of negation and annihilation. Certainly not through anti-Semitic messages — we have had our fill of them.

If the academics are concerned about the fate of the State of Israel, then they would do well to open the history books, and the authentic sources of the Jewish people, and investigate the role of the Jewish people from times past to the present. To summarize for them: the role of the Jews is to be “a light unto nations.” The Jews carry the method for connecting all of humanity, but have no awareness of their role, or the weight of their responsibility towards the world.

When Jews unite and spread the system of human connection to the world, anti-Semitism will dissipate and all boycotts, demonstrations and accusations against the Jews will subside. The message is simple: rather than join hands to sign declarations, we need to join our hearts and be as one.

Shamir And Alina

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 6/15/19

Congratulations to Shamir Galsurkar, a Jew of Indian origin who immigrated to Israel to study the wisdom of Kabbalah, found the love of his life, and married Alina here in Israel yesterday. I wish my two students a happy life!

If It Comes From The Creator, I Need Nothing Else

laitman_962.5When a person begins to study Kabbalah, it is as if one jumps into the sea and at first does not distinguish the deep, subtle definitions. A person is like a newborn baby who in the first days does not understand anything, does not see, and does not hear. Most importantly, one is firmly attached to one’s will to receive, to one’s egoism. The first stage of spiritual work consists of cutting oneself off from this egoism, moving away from it, and looking at it from aside.

It takes years of work for the reforming light to do its work on a person and change him or her. The first change is that we begin to hear what the Kabbalists are talking about.

In order to enter spirituality, a person must make oneself an absolute zero, that is, from one’s will to receive, from one’s aspirations and expectations for something to change for oneself. That is, I agree with everything I receive and completely cancel any criticism.

Everything that happens comes from the Creator and undoubtedly is the best for me. Therefore, I do not think about it at all: the Creator acts only for my benefit. This limits my attitude to corporeal life.

With respect to spirituality, I also get the most optimal in everything. But I have nothing?! That is great, this is the best because I receive it from the Creator, who is good and does good! A person reaches this decision, accepting one’s corporeal state as the most optimal one without needing any additions, completely annulling oneself. The only thing I ask in both corporeality and spirituality is for the Creator to organize me according to His will and to help me to agree with it completely.

The first spiritual degree is the ability to completely adhere to the Creator, day and night, in light and in darkness, in sorrow and in joy, no matter what is happening. If I reach two such zeros: in corporeality and in spirituality, then I enter the spiritual world, the degrees of the ladder.

This is the ascent between the two states: from below—reason, and from above—faith above reason.

Everything comes from the Creator who knows what I need. My work is only to accept it completely. This most certainly does not mean that I forget about corporeal requirements: I must take care of my family and health. Yet, whatever my inner state is—in darkness and despair, in chaos and misunderstanding, in confusion and dullness of feelings, I agree with it as sent by the Creator and I am ready to remain in it forever.

I should ask to change not my state, but my attitude to this state. That is, I want to agree with it completely and not to demand anything more. If it is coming from the Creator, then I need nothing else.

I have nothing, not now, not in the future; there is complete darkness, the world has turned dark. All I hold on to is the fact that this state is intentionally sent by the Creator, the “good that does good,” and therefore, I expect no change. I do not demand the darkness’ disappearance and my reception of attainment and understanding; I am prepared to remain in the current state as much as necessary.

This is how I create my degree of Keter, the Kli of bestowal. The lower degree of the upper one is Malchut that has nothing in it. If I accept with joy this kingdom of the upper one (Malchut) in the form it is revealed: darkness and hopelessness, both in the present and in the future, beyond time, then it becomes my degree of Keter, the finest, bestowing Kli that shines upon me and allows me to continue the path.

On all the degrees, until the very end of correction, we must constantly annul ourselves to zero on our level and then from above we will receive additional higher degrees. This is the entrance to the spiritual world and the first contact of the lower one with the upper one. The upper one becomes my first spiritual state.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/1/19, The Absolute Zero

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Everyone Has A Place In The General System Of Adam

Laitman_036Question: You said that it is very important to study the upper worlds and the structure of the soul because this is most important for spiritual advancement. But if we have friends in the group who do not want to study the structure of the soul, they are not interested in it, can they still advance? If they have no desire, can they attain the spiritual world?

Answer: There are very different people in our world, and each had a place in the completed creation. Each person born corporeally has a point inside him or herself that has its place in the general soul.

Therefore, you cannot reject anyone. Not a single person. He may be humanity’s greatest savage; nevertheless, he still must be corrected and granted his place in the common system, Adam—the common soul.

Therefore, if a person does not want to or cannot study the structure of the soul, he is not drawn to it, and he does not understand it, as long as he does not interfere, since there is a condition of “no coercion” in Kabbalah, then you leave him alone.

What does no coercion mean? He does not push you to be like him, he agrees to sit quietly and dissolve in the group, then he is like a germ in you, so you should leave him alone. As long as he brings no harm.

Such people should be kept close. Gradually, they will begin to get used to it, will start to feel things. Nothing can be done here. It is very difficult. I, too, was like this: I did not agree to it, had no desire for it, until I gradually came to understand that this was precisely the way to advance.

One cannot know the ways of the Creator, and so we have to advance. I went through many different states and therefore I say one must have patience, and if a person brings no harm, let him be with to us.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 4/4/19

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New Life #9 – The Power Of The Ego

New Life #9 – The Power of the Ego
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi

It is possible to harness the tremendous power of the ego to build a society that actually supports, develops, and unifies its members. Humans want to control the environment and use it for their own benefit, to bend it to be under them. If we put the environment first and show each person that society expects him to treat others well, envy, lust, honor, and control will work for the good. That is to say, he will use the same desires that he used to use selfishly, to the detriment of the environment, for the good of society because we will understand our mutual dependence. Using the ego correctly balances our relationships and all levels of nature.
From KabTV’s “New Life #9 – The Power of the Ego,” 1/6/12

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