My Thoughts On Twitter 6/13/19

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The whole Mount (Har) Sinai are our doubts (Hirurim), the egoistic desires that hatred comes from (Sina). To the extent that we strive to draw the Light that Reforms from the top of the mountain of hatred, it raises us to the top where we merge with the Creator.

Ascent up Mount Sinai (doubts and reciprocal rejection) is carried out by upper light. But the light is elicited by efforts to unite, in spite of the reciprocal rejection (Sinah). We must only make efforts to get closer in the group, while the light does all the rest:”The Creator will finish for me.”

Doubts (Hirurim) stand in the way of rising to the upper world. They form Mt. (Har) Sinai—the mountain of hatred and doubts that can be conquered only by mutual guarantee—connection in the group, the ten. This is the correction of the broken system of the soul of Adam.

240 Israeli #scientists have asked the German government to reject #BDS as an anti-Semitic movement and to keep financing Israeli and Palestinian non-governmental organizations that are against the Israeli occupation. Great “scientists”! But they learn nothing from history!
From Twitter, 6/13/19

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