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My Thoughts On Twitter 6/2/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

It’s not my condition that I should ask to reform, but my attitude toward it. Meaning, I should completely agree with it and demand nothing. If it came from the Creator, I don’t need anything else.
The only thing for me to hold on to is that I received this state from the Creator and therefore I do not expect it to be replaced.

A beginner doesn’t experience spiritual definitions. It takes years of effort before one starts feeling how the light works on him. I receive only good from the Creator; yet, I experience it as evil, because of my ego. And still, I rise above it, to the light—to the Creator.
Thus, I build Daat and Emunah Lemala Mi Daat—faith above reason.

Rejoice at the state of smallness more than a state of greatness. Moreover, once in the state of greatness, cover it with the state of smallness as protection from ego-obstacles.
For in a state of smallness one can achieve revelation since there is no fear to be defeated by ego-obstacles. Hence, the Creator delights in one’s state of smallness rather than his state of greatness.

Only after isolating oneself from reception of light, “in absolute zero,” where there are no human desires, can we receive light—in bestowal, in the light’s perfection, with no restrictions—for the benefit of man and entry into holiness.
From Twitter, 6/2/19

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Virginia Shooting

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 6/2/19

150 mass shootings in the U.S. in just 151 days since the start of 2019.

Until we cure the breeding of violence in American culture, don’t expect these events to go away.

These tragic scenarios repeat themselves over and over in most aspects of how and where they unfold. Clearly, the U.S. must set up a dedicated think tank to research and investigate why mass shootings have become an epidemic in American society.

Understandably, each time there is a mass shooting the gun control debate comes alive again, yet it doesn’t reflect the root cause of this epidemic. When individuals have set their minds on killing others, they will find a way to do it even with tougher gun laws. Typically, mass shooters don’t carry out their act of violence in a moment of insanity. They rather plan it meticulously to maximize their impact.

Also, it’s difficult to envision how America would round up some 400 million guns that are currently scattered throughout society. Not to mention that there will always be a black market for weapons.

America needs to focus on preventive actions that are beyond adding security officers and cameras in public spaces. A real solution must involve launching a massive nationwide educational program that would require the cooperation of all major institutions, from Hollywood studios, through academic institutions, to government offices, and everything in between.

The amount and frequency of mass shootings is causing Americans to become increasingly desensitized with every event that happens. Only if America would be able to rally everyone around the effort to heal a culture that breeds violence—we can expect to see real impact.

Preparation For The Meeting Between The Creator And Creation


The last generation starts from the whole world transforming into a small village, into one system. By the 21st century, the world reached the state where everyone depends on everyone.

This dependence is unpleasant, burdensome, and is perceived as manipulations of the financial elite over us, but nevertheless, the world has locked itself in one circle and therefore we are called the last generation.

The world has started to operate as one global mechanism, and although this mechanism is corrupt, we now have the opportunity to correct it into a good one. After all, it has already revealed its evil and exposed its bad connections that have entangled us from all sides and act to our detriment. The system is even getting out of the authorities’ control, a financial blow-up on a global scale is brewing.

After thousands of years of development, the system has finally reached global interdependence. Now a new problem has emerged. How can we correct ourselves; it is impossible to tolerate it any longer. Egoism is becoming so global that it leaves us no hope for the future.

If we understand this, feel it, and seriously accept our mission, we must correct ourselves as soon as possible in the ten in order to positively influence the world from this ten. Those who supposedly govern the world are very weak relative to us.

They have no opportunity to influence anything other than the fictitious, artificial systems that they built for themselves: a financial system that has no real basis, an industrial system with 90% of its products that nobody needs, etc.

If we give the world a small illumination from our corrections, it will make huge changes in it for the better. Therefore, we need to know what is happening in the world and include its state in our prayer.

We cannot correct ourselves for our own wellbeing that would be an egoistic action, and for the good of the Creator, we cannot be corrected as well because He does not need our favors. All correction should be done only in relation to the world.

If we correct the world, we will create a vessel that the Creator can fill and take enjoy. This vessel is the body of the common soul, and we are only the head that must organize this meeting between the Creator (the light) and the desire (the body of the Partzuf). We are in the middle, as a head; this is our mission. Therefore, we cannot but think about the world and absorb its problems.1

Holocaust Remembrance Day is more relevant today than ever. The situation has turned upside down: today it is more dangerous for a Jew to live in America or Europe than in Israel. After all, he cannot defend himself there. The Jews abroad suffer and are endangered, while growing serenity reigns in Israel. These are the two forms of indifference characteristic for the Jews: being among enemies, they do not feel at risk, and those who are far from danger, outside of the diaspora, are not just indifferent to what is happening there, but in general do not want to hear about it or support the Jews in exile.

The same thing was happening before the Holocaust when none of the Jews around the world intervened in what was happening in Germany. The American Jews did not want to accept a ship with Jews who fled from Europe and sent them back to Germany, directly to Auschwitz. Nothing has changed since then, and today, the Israeli Jews will not worry about Jews in America.

As once American Jews did not take care of European Jews, so Israelis will not worry about Jews in other countries of the world. They will say, “If they feel bad there, let them come here. At least, we will not drive them out like the Americans did in the past.”

When the Nazis came to power in Germany, in the beginning they collaborated with the leaders of the Zionist movement, and all European Jews could have been safely sent to Israel. Germany was ready to contribute to this and promised financial support for those moving to Israel. But Jews did not want to leave Germany to exchange “the most civilized country” with the poor Palestine. Then, the attitude of the Nazis changed to the opposite: the moment the Jews refused to leave Europe and go to Israel, they turned from supporters into anti-Semites. This drastic change was made from above; today we need to learn a lesson from history.

But nowadays, the final correction of the whole world should take place, so the main thing is to take care of our unity and finding a way to escape from one place to another. It all depends on when, in what form, and how fast we will achieve unity. Depending on this, it may be that Jews will not have to look for a shelter in Israel as they flee from other countries.

But there is no doubt that Israel will be the safest place if the people of Israel understand that they must be Yashar – El (straight to the Creator), that is, united. If not, then it may be the same here as all over the world, and even worse. Therefore, Holocaust Remembrance Day is a very relevant symbol for the present.2
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/30/19, Lesson on the Topic “Building The Future Society”
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2 Minute 7:50

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New Life #240 – Happiness And Buddhism

New Life #240 – Happiness and Buddhism
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

Buddhism is a belief aimed at calming human suffering by suppressing the ego rather than transcending it. It is an individual method that does not deal with the reformation of society or the unification of people. It is the opposite of Abraham’s system, which is based entirely on the revelation of the thought of creation, the realization of the plan of development, the correction of the human ego, and the connection between people through the attainment of the upper force. We must discover the harmony that works in all of nature and flows with it. We do this by learning to connect within a group of people in a circle through a workshop. This is the way to true happiness.
From KabTV’s “New Life #240 – Happiness and Buddhism,” 10/10/13

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 6/2/19

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “The Absolute Zero”

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, Matan Torah [The Giving of the Torah]”

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