My Thoughts On Twitter 6/2/19

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It’s not my condition that I should ask to reform, but my attitude toward it. Meaning, I should completely agree with it and demand nothing. If it came from the Creator, I don’t need anything else.
The only thing for me to hold on to is that I received this state from the Creator and therefore I do not expect it to be replaced.

A beginner doesn’t experience spiritual definitions. It takes years of effort before one starts feeling how the light works on him. I receive only good from the Creator; yet, I experience it as evil, because of my ego. And still, I rise above it, to the light—to the Creator.
Thus, I build Daat and Emunah Lemala Mi Daat—faith above reason.

Rejoice at the state of smallness more than a state of greatness. Moreover, once in the state of greatness, cover it with the state of smallness as protection from ego-obstacles.
For in a state of smallness one can achieve revelation since there is no fear to be defeated by ego-obstacles. Hence, the Creator delights in one’s state of smallness rather than his state of greatness.

Only after isolating oneself from reception of light, “in absolute zero,” where there are no human desires, can we receive light—in bestowal, in the light’s perfection, with no restrictions—for the benefit of man and entry into holiness.
From Twitter, 6/2/19

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