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One should believe above reason and imagine that he has merited faith, the sensation of the Creator, of how the Creator governs the world with goodness. When one feels a lack of reason, one must work above reason, as if he already feels reason.
He thus acquires the importance of the goal and receives the vital force—the joy of being close to the Creator.

Conception in the upper world happens when a person annuls himself, like an embryo in a mother, and the upper one corrects him to this extent. Egoism annuls to Bina and has no desires of its own. It means it can be nourished directly, by what the mother, Bina is nourished with. There are no questions, the mouth is closed, and one advances by faith above reason.

Entry into spirituality happens by annulling oneself, love for oneself, Malchut, the will to receive for one’s own sake, and entry into the will to bestow, the quality of Bina. In this state the soul adheres to the Creator once again. This complete self-annulment is called Ibur, conception of the soul in the upper world, in the Creator.

One should study Torah, meaning correction, in the states of day and night—sensing perfection and its opposite, to please the Creator. If there is a difference between the states of day and night, it means there are uncorrected qualities. We should rejoice that they are discerned and aspire to value them in equal measure.

When one disregards work for the Creator, having no energy to do the work other than to receive it from the Creator, in order to accept His rule blindly above egoism, one must rejoice that he has egoism, something to give to the Creator—and prefer this work in a sensation of darkness, above states of light.

Twenty of my students from all over the United States, met this week for a packed day of training. While I was on my way back to Israel, they gathered to work on how to disseminate the message of unity to the divided people of America.

The Jews assimilate into the European society that is moving away from the values of mutual guarantee that constitute the foundation of the people. After 500 years of prosperity in #Spain, a deportation order was signed ordering #Jews to leave Spain. The Jews were shocked.
But one good thing resulted from the #expulsion: the Jews finally gathered in #Israel and the method of connection was discovered in the world.

Between the 9th and 13th centuries, during the thriving of the Jewish Diaspora, Spanish Jewry was at its peak. This was not a positive phenomenon—it is the “Golden Age” of separation. #Antisemitism

It was wonderful to see the unity of friends at the 2019 Convention in South and North America. Hours after the last lesson—never and nowhere before was such inner yearning for unity felt! These impressions are timeless! Thank you!

Progress in spirituality depends on one’s connection with the Creator. The evil inclination is help by resistance, helping to develop the force of attraction. We must therefore respect egoism, realizing that it helps us, like dumbbells for strengthening the muscles.

The Creator deliberately created the evil inclination so people would be able to overcome it and bring it to goodness. He deliberately places obstacles against our unity, and we must look for ways to transform them to goodness.
We should never curse our egoism since it’s the Creator’s force, sent to us in the form of a disturbance.

One who wishes to attain the Creator is depicted as one who besieges a fortress. The main part of it is “Hoots Mi Tse“—anything besides leaving the efforts!
The result will become apparent many years later: the realization that one’s attitude to others is the basis of one’s relationship with the Creator. The heart will soften and accept love for others. Revelation!

The Book of Zohar says, “Before we merit Torah with the light’s help, transformation of our ego, desire to bestowal, strong locks keep the gate to the Creator closed.” I feel this as people’s rejection from me. Only by overcoming the rejections does the gate to the hearts and to the Creator gradually open.

We aspire to everything other than the Creator, bestowal! Therefore love for the creatures is a necessary stage for attaining the Creator through equivalence. This is why it’s called the main law of the Torah. If one studies Torah, one studies how to love the creatures. And how to teach the world to love the Creator. Always check what you are studying!

From love for the neighbor, one comes to love for the Creator—and in no other way. One who hopes to sidestep others and establish a personal connection with the Creator is wrong. Each of us is a shard of the broken vessel of the soul of Adam Rishon. It’s impossible for an egoistic shard to aspire to the Creator.

Becoming like the Creator means ceasing to think about myself—whether I exist or control anything. All my thoughts are about the Creator, and therefore, about others, bestowal. To become like the Creator, you must help others come closer to the Creator. Detach from yourself, join the ten—and you’ll succeed.
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