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The quality of bestowal means to rejoice at the darkness as much as at the light, for it is the most important greatness of the Creator. When one finds himself in a situation with no support, feels the darkness, if he accepts it with joy, it turns into Keter, bestowal, light.

Why was it needed to break the desire only to correct it later? Revelation of the breakage is in realizing that the uncorrected state never existed, but only seemed so to an uncorrected person. Thus, the correction is only of our perception.

In any state, even the high one, if one is looking for further advancement, his search causes a correction—an ascent without the fall.
Thus, without waiting for it from above, as if for a “fall,” one can do it himself—find the flaws and raise them to the correction toward bestowal.

Any good is manifested only from evil, like the light from the darkness. Darkness, the evil, is manifested first, and then comes the light, the Creator. All the spiritual work is in bringing forth the good from the evil. This is how man gives contentment to the Creator. Therefore, perfection is in the right connection of darkness and light, in full light.

The Creator made all kinds of darkness in order to manifest the light through them. A day is considered to be darkness and light, night and day. Night is the light without corrections, therefore it is not visible to creatures, but it is clear that it requires correction, the help of the Creator, the light of correction. And darkness itself becomes light.

The great means for our perception is the darkness, about which it is said: “I created the darkness,” “And saw the darkness.” The weakening sensation of light is felt by us like darkness. And it helps us to perceive the light: “The feeling of light out of darkness.”
All the attainment of light comes only out of the darkness.

Every person is equal to everyone else, be it a sage or a commoner—everyone is equal in the general system. There are different souls in the system during the time of correction, each must be evaluated according to his degree. But when the process of correction is complete, in the perfect state, all souls are equal.

Serving the Creator can only happen in darkness. Darkness is a wonderful quality that propels me toward the Creator, does not leave me in peace. To the extent that one elevates the Creator in his own eyes, so does he rise above his inherent evil.
From Twitter, 5/28/19

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Independence From Our Nature

laitman_283.02A man is born and exists in this world in order to achieve independence from his nature, to break away from the inanimate level, from the desire to enjoy, and to build the form opposite to it. This means becoming independent from the previous stage. The next step does not exist in its completed form so that you could see, study, and take an example from it. We have no one to imitate; we can only aspire to the opposite properties and in this way build the next step.

Each time desires and thoughts change and grow, and a person can work on building oneself independent of them. One develops more and more at the animate level: one is no longer a simple animal one was born as, but egoism, the evil inclination, becomes increasingly apparent in him. But evil was created in order to build the opposite over it, the spiritual level, a good inclination, a man (Adam).

The human level is characterized by the fact that it requires connection with others, unlike the animate level at which everyone feels increasingly isolated and distant from others. At the same time, at the animate level, it seems that by moving away from everyone, one attains independence. But to build myself on the human level, I need to nullify myself and connect with everyone. One wonders: “Where is independence here?” On the contrary, I neglect myself for the sake of others. This is absolutely the opposite.

We need to realize how insignificant the animalistic independence we strive to through the call of nature is. And independence at the level of a man is the aspiration to fulfill the instructions of the upper force. We build our similarity to the upper one to the extent we can rise above our animal nature.

It is written: “The Creator saves humans and animals alike”—both these levels rise, supporting each other, and together they build independence from nature, from the desire to enjoy. In this way, we reach the goal of creation for which the Creator created everything with an egoistic desire so that we can build the level of man, Adam, similar to the Creator, above it in adhesion, mutual support, connection of all the desires.1

Everything Baal HaSulam said about the people of Israel almost a hundred years ago is still relevant today—we really are like “nuts in a bag” because we are forced to hold together due to the influence of external negative forces. No one knows the great mission of these people, which still must be revealed. Therefore, we envy all other nations undisputed right to exist on their land.

But the Jews are a special people toward which no other peoples of the world have a positive attitude. This is a special phenomenon. And the people of Israel themselves are not able to unite in a natural way and they feel inner separation.

Even non-Jews in whom the point in the heart—the desire to unite with the upper force that leads them to the study of Kabbalah has awakened—also reveal how different and remote from each other they are. They have no desire to get close to others. It does not matter what nation they belong to in the corporeal world, but as soon as they unite in a group that is engaged in spiritual advancement, they immediately become similar to the people of Israel: they feel just as divided. Each group is like a bag of nuts that grind in friction against each other and do not want to connect.

This is a manifestation of the same nature: both in the people of Israel and in Kabbalistic groups around the world that want to approach the Creator. From this, it is clear that Jews are not a people, but a group of Kabbalists that existed in the past. Once, they were on a spiritual level and were able to overcome separation and unite, then they fell from this height and now exist in the opposite form.

It is necessary to study our spiritual state from its opposite form that exists today. After all, the further we develop and try to be together, the less we succeed in it. But we must rejoice that the evil, our true nature, is revealed. This nature is not ordinary, it is much worse than that of all other nations because it comes from the shattering.

All others have a regular animalistic nature and strive for the material well-being of their bodies. But the people of Israel, trying to unite and studying Kabbalah, consciously or unconsciously awaken the upper light that reforms, thus revealing the shattering, the lack of unity and spirituality. Therefore, anti-spiritual qualities opposite to the Creator are revealed in us.

It is necessary to clarify and understand them and to treat them with great respect because it is above these consequences of shattering, corruption, and rejecting spirituality and unity that we need to build a corrected state. All these states which are opposite to unity and correction, as well as those supporting unity, belong to the human stage. Therefore, we need to appreciate them and work on them.

Correction relates only to the human level; it requires us to unite and to converge in our opinions and sensations, although no one relinquishes their opinions and feelings, the connection takes place above them, as one person with one heart, like in the first person called Adam HaRishon. The last, the finally corrected person will be the same. The revelation of the past shattering indicates a future correction.

Therefore, today we are a special group, new people, people of the Creator, who are trying to raise themselves from the dust.2

There are people, that is, such a desire to enjoy, which are united at the animal level. They feel intimacy and understanding according to their corporeal properties, and therefore, they feel good together. Everyone feels that it is worth relating to this group, to his people. There are 70 such nations of the world, groups, each of which has its own spirit, extent of unity, level of existence, character, and physical genes. People naturally feel that they belong to one of those groups. Even if hatred between them appears, it is purely corporeal and has nothing to do with spirituality.

But at the same time, there may be a group at a higher level, which exists due to a connection for a special goal. This goal is not natural, it is above the corporeal nature: it is to connect above one’s egoism. Here, two opposites combine. On one hand, there is a negative connection between them because no one feels obligated to this group and connected to it. But on the other hand, they are united by an artificially set goal.

A common goal creates a common space for them because only by joining together can they achieve this sublime higher goal. Then they will be called a special people—not according to the corporeal DNA, but according to the spiritual genes (Reshimot) awakening in them.

Such a group that reaches a new type of connection in contrast to their natural corporeal disunity is called the people of Israel (Isra-El) because it wants to become similar to the Creator (Yashar-El), the upper force. It possesses a new nature, a new essence. From generation to generation, it has been trying to attain the upper force, creating a methodology for this, and establishing traditions in accordance with the upper force, like holidays, special days, and physical commandments according to its spiritual attainment.

That is, the union is formed according to spiritual laws. A group of people that establishes laws and traditions for itself according to the upper source appears in history. Every nation has its own traditions, but the traditions of the people of Israel correspond to spiritual steps, either achieved in the past, or marked for the future as a “sign for the sons.” These traditions remind a person of the spiritual levels that he or she is to achieve.3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/9/19, Independence Day
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A Lesson From The Holocaust

laitman_962.7Holocaust Remembrance Day is a special, very sad day in the history of the Jewish people and all of mankind since we are all connected with each other. On this day, we need to talk about the causes of this tragedy and its lessons so that “the deeds of the fathers will become a sign for the sons.”1

There is nothing except the upper force that is good and does good; it governs us all the time. There is no action beyond this good governance. Therefore, if in our research we do not rise above our egoistic nature and instead we begin to condemn the Creator, doubting His good governance, we will be mistaken. In this case, our entire research will not bring any benefit and will lead us back to the same bitter reality, which we must talk about today.

The Creator feels what we feel. If we are united and happy about it, the Creator rejoices. He has no personal feelings—He is within us, like a mother who lives inside her beloved baby. Through our connection, we create a place for the Creator where He can exist. If we are not connected, then there is no place for the Creator and we feel His actions in the inverse form, as if they are not coming from Him. Every action is experienced in us according to the extent of our connection or disconnection.2

The Creator lives inside of our connection with each other. This connection should develop all the time, starting from the first shattering caused by the Creator until the final correction, until complete adhesion. As long as we are not behind in our advancement in the stages of correction that we must undergo, we are all right. However, if we fall behind, we find ourselves in a bad state that we ourselves have caused.

If at every moment we do not correct the connection between us, we feel the difference between the desired and the actual states. Let’s say that today I should have been corrected by 20% in my connection with all of humanity, but I have reached only 15% of the connection. Therefore, -5% is revealed to me as pressure and problems. In fact, these are forces that are intended to accelerate my advancement in order to make up for the delay, to extinguish the difference between the desired and the actual.

These forces do not indicate the goodness or the evil of the Creator, but are simply a natural consequence of the system’s operation, as it is written: “The law is given and cannot be transgressed.” That is, we should evaluate not how much pain or pleasure we feel, but how much these forces that are revealed to us as good or evil help us to advance correctly.

The Creator does not wish us harm, but there is a law of nature, by fulfilling it, we feel our connection, and by breaking it, we feel pain, and today it is to such an extent that we must remember the Holocaust—the saddest event in the history of the Jewish people. Of course, it was caused not by the Creator but by people who had to correct the connection between them and did not. The delay in correction was so great that it resulted in terrible suffering.

What lessons can we learn from this? From Ancient Babylon to the present day, there were many such sad events, and all for one reason. Since the Creator is the general law of nature, the system shows us the need for connection. But we do not listen to it and are not in a hurry to eliminate the delay, and we receive the corresponding consequences. In fact, we ourselves cause them and we cannot blame the Creator.

There are conditions known to us, but we do not fulfill them and by doing so, we draw upon ourselves forces that push us to the goal more firmly and resolutely. Throughout history we have been plagued by pressures and problems: exiles, Egyptian slavery, the desert, the destruction of the Temple. Yet, the Holocaust is a very different state. The people of Israel in their historical development have already reached the need for the fourth degree of connection in the soul of Adam HaRishon, but have not implemented it. Today, we are also not fulfilling this goal, so what can we expect? We can only expect even worse states than before. We have to learn from history so that we do not to repeat the same states.

After Babylon and Egypt, we have been plagued by blow after blow every moment we have not established mutual connection in the required measure. The punishment will be collective, to all the people of Israel. Today we are responsible not only for ourselves, but for the entire world. Once, it was possible to make a correction in a limited group: the European Jewry. The Nazis themselves wanted to help the Jews rebuild the state of Israel. At first, they acted as forces helping the correction. However, if we do not use the chance given to us, these forces turn into negative ones.

Today as well, if we do not use the awakening forces that are already acting negatively, they will turn into much more terrible ones than before. Today’s Holocaust will be on a different scale: not only in Europe, but all over the world. Therefore, it is worthwhile to understand this and to hurry up with the correction before it becomes too late.

If we connect, the upper force passes through us to all the nations of the world, to all of reality, and gradually the whole world attains unity. Then everything calms down and the Creator begins to reveal Himself to the created beings, and the world reaches the intended correction.

However, if we, the people of Israel, do not connect between ourselves at least within Israel where we have the best conditions for connection, if we do not become one man with one heart, do not love our neighbor as ourselves, do not become the light for the nations of the world by showing them an example of unity, then we will go through such horrible states that will make the Holocaust pale in comparison to.3

Merits turn into debts and debts into merits. Therefore, we must believe that now we have the opportunity, time, place, and all the means not to repeat the mistake made by the Jews almost a hundred years ago. We must not miss the opportunity to connect between us in order to be in contact with the upper force, which is good and does good, and that through us, this force that wants to appear to all the inhabitants of this world, will be able to reveal itself. We must help it with this and become a conduit between it and humanity.

Let’s not repeat past mistakes. The wisdom of Kabbalah talks about the laws of nature that do not depend on whether they are pleasant or unpleasant to us and do not take into account someone’s political or economic interests. There is no doubt that if the Jews behaved differently back then, the world today would look completely different.

Everything is in our hands and we determine our fate and the fate of the entire world. The law of nature is an immutable law that must be fulfilled. The Creator does not pity or punish us, but fulfills the general law. The Creator is nature, and according to the program of nature, we must connect in one desire, in one intention, according to one formula of mutual bestowal. We must bring this connection to the world; this is our mission.

Let us not repeat the bitter mistakes and let us try on this sad day to take upon ourselves the responsibility to bring the world to unity. 4
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/2/19, Holocaust Remembrance Day
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New Life 1087 – Education For A Change In Human Nature

New Life 1087 – Education For A Change In Human Nature
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

The wisdom of Kabbalah is a method of education that transforms egoism to altruism. Realization of the method requires small groups of around ten people to participate in unique exercises which help them to communicate with each other so that they will feel that they belong to a single body. In the small group, each individual tries to connect, listen, and correct his egoistic nature. What’s most important is to awaken the higher power from within the depths of nature so that it will influence us.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1087 – Education For A Change In Human Nature,” 2/26/19

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 5/28/19

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “Impressions from the Conventions” 

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Lesson on the Topic “The Absolute Zero”

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Lesson on the Topic “Building The Future Society”

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